When I Found You eARC Review w/ Playlist

*I received an eARC of this book to review*

When I Found You by K. Leah

Now available (May 14, 2020)


“Chase has always had a tendency to settle. He’s spent years being the third wheel and “Cool Uncle Chase” –always on the outside looking in. Tired of admiring love from afar, he’s finally met someone that could change his whole life . . . if he can hold onto her.

Cait has come to Atlanta anticipating a short term work assignment, already trying to figure out how she can get out of the city before she’s unpacked her suitcase. But after crossing paths with her cute neighbor a few times, he’s half-convinced her that city living may not be so bad after all.

Cait’s family ties are strong, and she leaves everything she’s built with Chase behind in the wake of a tragedy. Will Chase follow his heart or let Cait take it with her back home?”


5 Stars

If you like:

  • Sweet Adult Romance Books
  • Southern Gentlemen
  • Adorable Love Stories
  • Stressful Situations

Then this is the book for you!

This is the second book in K. Leah’s Finding Home companion series, and y’all it’s amazing! It’s definitely the sweetest book I’ve read so far this year; it’s lighthearted with moments of swooning, laughing, and moments that makes your heart hurt.

Chase is honestly my dream guy. He’s sweet, has a great sense of humor, playful, and pays attention to the small things. He’s a family guy who wants kids and is able to live in the big city but help around on the farm. Cait is equally as sassy and has the biggest heart when it comes to those she loves. She puts other in front of her self and would honestly give up her happiness to help.

“Chase is a cutie. Scratch that––he’s a hottie. But something about his demeanor makes me trust him. He seems fun, and I hope my spidey-senses aren’t trying to fool me.”

Both Chase and Cait are people from small towns in the south finding themselves in the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. chase has lived in the town for years close to his best friends and their families being the only one not in a relationship, while Cait is newer to the city with no friends or family near by.

“If I meet people, I might actually start to like it here. That thought scares me. I should want to connect, but part of me feels like I’m leaving my family behind.”

After promising her sister of trying to socialize more, Cait finds herself on the way to a cooking class when her tire goes completely flat. After getting the car jacked up, she hit a road block on what to do next. Luckily, chase just so happens to see this woman parked on the side of the road and decides to help change her tire. After a switching out her tire, they go their separate ways.

Over the course of the next week, both have thought of the other; then, on the night of the cooking class, they meet again and sparks fly. There’s this connection between the two that is so genuine and can’t be ignored. After eating dinner together, they plan to meet at a concert at a park. During their fist date they talk and dance and sing all night having a great time together. As the night draws to an end, they find out that it’s a small world because they live in the same apartment complex.

As time goes on, their relationship grows and strengths into something out of a movie. They spend more time together, and Cait even meets Chase’s friends and their children. Cait and Chase’s relationship gets pretty serious after a couple of months, but can it survive after Cait’s world is turned upside down one night when she gats a call about her father’s decking health?

Like other companion novels, it’s recommended that you read this series in order because the MCs of A Half Made Whole are seen rather frequently since they’re Chase’s best friends even though this book takes place 5 years later.

Without spoiling the other book, it made my heart melt to catch up with those characters because they had gone through so much in their own book.

When I Found You is the perfect book to read any time of the year! It’s a fun fast paced book that is have you swooning in a matter of moments!


  • Back for You by One Direction
  • Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows
  • Better Than This by Hunter Hayes
  • Lover of Mine by 5SOS
  • A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
  • Lover by Taylor Swift ft. Shawn Mendes

Happy reading until next time,

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