To Carve a Fae Heart eARC Review

To Carve a Fae Heart (The Fair Isle Trilogy Book 1) by [Tessonja Odette]

*I received an eARC of this book to review*

To Carve a Fae Heart by Tessonja Odette

Available: May 20, 2020


“Every young woman dreams of marrying a king. Everyone except for me. Because the king I am to wed has razor sharp fangs and a thirst for blood.

All my life I knew I’d come of age during the Hundred Year Reaping. According to the ridiculous treaty, two human girls are sent to the faelands as brides for the fearsome fae king and his devilish younger brother.

Not me. I was supposed to be safe. Two girls were chosen from my village already. But when they are executed for offending the king, my sister and I are sent in their place.

What a mess. Then again, maybe it’s not so bad. The younger brother I’m paired with doesn’t seem as monstrous as I’d expected. He’s delightfully handsome too. But nothing compares to the chilling, dangerous beauty of the fae king. And when my sister flees the castle and her terrifying husband-to-be, I’m left to marry him instead.

If I go through with this, I might not survive my wedding night. If I don’t, no one is safe, neither human nor fae. An ancient war will return, bringing devastation we haven’t seen in a thousand years. Can I sacrifice myself for the good of my people? Or will a dangerous desire be the death of me first?

If I don’t lose my heart, the king will certainly lose his. I’ll carve it out with an iron blade if I have to.”


5 Stars

If you like:

  • Fae (duh)
  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Deception/Trickery
  • Politics of the Faes

Then this book is for you!

I was drawn in instantly by this book because of not only it’s cover but because it’s recommended for those who love ACOTAR, The Cruel Prince, and The Iron King. I’ll tell you, I’m not on for The Cruel Prince, I liked the Iron Prince (but haven’t read past the first book), and love ACOTAR and all things Rhys, so I had to give it a go… and I’m so glad that I did because I read this book in a little over a day (I didn’t even read the ACOTAR series in a time like that).

I didn’t know what to expect from the fae in this book since every has their own idea of the fae and creating them each author has a different representation of them. The fae in this book is more like the ones in The Cruel Prince who lack the ability to lie buy are the masters in deception to get around that minor setback. These fae are classified into Seelie and Unseelie since the war between the fae and humans forever ago. The Seelie are the fae who enjoy the human things like food, clothing, emotions, etc., while the unseelie want to wipe the humans from existence and go back to life before when there weren’t these material things to complicate life.

Humans are taught to fear the fae since the fae are able to glamour themselves or make humans bend to their will. Humans wear special things, carry iron and salt, and even go as far as leaving sacrifices to get on their “good” side and try to keep themselves safe from the fae.

The book starts off with Evelyn go to the wall that separates the fae from the humans to give they from selecting her sister Amelie and herself from being selected for the reaping for becoming the royal fae’s bride to keep the two from what could utimaltely lead to their deaths. The night before the names are announced, Evelyn goes one last time to give a gift. Right as she’s about to leave, a fae comes and tries to get her true name; thankfully she never leaves home without her iron knife and is able to hold him off and talk him out of attacking her. She gives her name (not the true one) in exchange for the names of those who are going to be chosen for the reaping.

After hearing that it won’t be her and her sister, Evelyn is able to rest a little easier later that night. In the morning, she wakes up to a world of possibilities know that she’ll be able to leave her home to become a surgeon since all females of a certain age can’t leave home three years prior to the reaping. She’s no longer confined to her town and her mother’s belief in potions and magic. She can go off and learn how to care for those who are critically injured… until the human ambassador of the fae king comes back to their town and announces that the girls selected are dead and Evelyn and Amelie are now in line to become the wife of the king and his brother.

King Aspen is known to be very sporadic in his choosing of seelie and unseelie. He is known for his cruel behavior and is an example as to why fae should be feared. Cobalt (the brother) is kind of a mystery to the humans putting Evelyn even more on edge, but the sisters have no other choice than to go along with Foxglove to seal their fate of marrying a fae.

After arriving at Aspen’s palace, Evelyn is on edge trying to protect herself and her sister from any harm from the fae. Amelie is quicker to get used to the lavish life of a soon to be wife of a king while Evelyn is always trying to figure out when they are going to get taken out. After spending time with Cobalt, Evelyn started accepting her fate until her sister shows up dead, and Evelyn is now supposed to marry Aspen to keep the treaty intact just when she was starting to see a future with Cobalt.

Evelyn must decide if she’s willing to marry the king who inspires nightmares to keep peace between the fae and humans without falling in the process.

Evelyn has always been the one to belief in the factual stuff like science; she doesn’t believe in any magic despite the fae and other creatures that she’s encountered and hasn’t done any since she was a young girl. She thinks that everything is as simple as the fae being the source of all evil but being in their world and seeing some of them interact with each other, there’s the slightest change of heart. Plus, being around Foxglove and Lorelei (the sister’s maiden) all the time, she releases not all of the fae are as expected.

Aspen is has the attitude of Cardan and the heart of Rhys. Aspen plays the part of a cold stoic king and has rare moments when his mask cracks and shows an array of things that makes you wonder who the real Aspen is. I’ll be honest, I felt something after the first couple of times of seeing him. Was is love? I don’t know, but something about his act called to me and vibe me Rhys vibes and made me fall for him. Much like Evelyn, my perspective of the king changed through out the book and made me realize a world without him might not be what I want.

This book has it all from learning that things aren’t always as it seems or thought to believe to embracing a new life style to some spicy scenes that will have you falling for a certain fae!

Happy reading until next time,

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