Reasons Why I Love Physical Books: TTT

Hi everyone! Hope y’all are doing well! This week I’ve been chilling because I have a small break off from school before the summer semester starts! I’ve been able to finish When I Found You and To Carve a Fae Heart and write a post about caring for chickens and incubating eggs!

This week for Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl), reasons why I love…

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  • The smell of them: you can tell me that the smell of a worn out book from the library doesn’t instantly bring you happiness or walking into a bookstore without a coffee shop and being surround by the scent of paper doesn’t make your day better.
  • Decorating and annotating them: I think it’s one of those simple things to enhance the beauty of books by changing them up from having painted/sprayed edges, different dust jackets, and dare I say writing in a book! I’m to much of a wimp to write in my books, but it’s a way to make books personalized.
  • Having bookcases to show off you love: I love my bookcases because it shows my different phases I’ve had as a reader and one of the few things that I like to show off! Besides having books having books on there, I have things like my diploma and other bookish things that I love to look at.
  • Being able to feel the weight of a book: There’s something so reassuring about being able to hold books. Being able to just hold your book to your chest after you read a sweet scene or seeing the tear marks on the page as you read, just makes reading more real during those emotional moments.
  • Feeling accomplished after reading a thick book: I know that there’s a certain amount of accomplishment of reading a long book on your ereader, but there’s something so satisfy and rewarding about being able to read a huge book cover to cover and close it when you get done.
  • Flipping through the pages: it’s therapeutic in a way to be able to flip through the pages of a book and see the words on the page blur are they turn. Plus, cracking the pages of a book with freshly painted pages is so satisfying.
  • Less distractions: do y’all know how many distractions there are on my ipad? One second I’m reading a book then the next I’m scrolling through twitter. With a physical book, I’m able to focus better.
  • Having the book fall on your face while laying in bed, reading with a flashlight, or getting a paper cut: sure 2 out of the 3 don’t sound the best, but I feel like they’re a right of passage of sorts for book nerds
  • I don’t have to worry about my battery dying leaving me hanging while reading or having to worry about carrying a charger because all I need is a light bit of light and I’m able to read.

What are some bookish things you love? Let me know below!

Plus, I recently started a bookstagram engagement group to help beat the algorithm! If you’re interested DM the account!

Happy reading until next time,

22 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Love Physical Books: TTT

  1. Oh, that’s a great list. I totally agree with the “feeling accomplished after reading a big book”. It just feels better when it’s a physical book.
    I do like both though. Physical books and ebooks have their ups and downs. 🙂

    My TTT post

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    • I get it!!! When I was in middle school I used read a lot on my kindle because it was cheaper but now there’s great places to find physical books that are sometimes cheaper that ecopies!


  2. I definitely love print books more than ebooks but for some reason, I just don’t love the smell of books. I always find myself holding a book far from my face when I flick through the pages really fast 🙊 I think the only downside to print books (especially hardbacks) is that sometimes they’re too heavy for me to hold and I’ve been having joint pain my hands recently, which sucks when I’m reading.

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