World of Kiera Cass (The Betrothed) Unboxing by Beacon Book Box

Hi everyone! Happy Memorial Day! This is my last day before the summer semester starts *sniffle*. It was fun to have a couple of weeks off, but it’s back to work for me looking a textbooks and doing case studies. Anyway… my special edition Beacon Book Box came today (even though I thought the mail wouldn’t run) for The Betrothed in collab with Kiera herself, and I’m so excited because I love The Selection Series and only bought this one copy of The Betrothed (so I can get to reading it soon)!

Top Left: The One inspired Blanket designed by Evie Seo that says ‘Break my heart. Break it a thousand times if you like. It was only ever yours to break anyway.’
Bottom Left: The Elite inspire Cards designed by Jem Lin Creations with Marlee, Natalie, Celeste, America, and Kriss
Top Right: The Elite inspired Pillow Case of America and Maxon’s Garden Date designed by bxromance
Middle Right: The One inspired Wallet designed by Azura Arts that says ‘Bravery hides in amazing places.’
Bottom Right: Spoiler Card
Top Left: The Betrothed inspired Microfiber Cloth desigtned by Catarina Book Designed that says ‘Even in the night, you are still my sun.’
Bottom Left: Hollis Brite Poster designed by Alrooney Art
Top Middle: Queen Amberly inspired Tea by The Simply Bookish Co
Top Right: A Signed Copy of The Betrothed with an Author Letter
Middle Right: The Siren inspired Wall Tapestry designed by Stella Bookish Art that says ‘Books were a safe place. A world apart from my own … there was always a story in which someone overcame their darkest hour. I wasn’t alone.’
Bottom Right: America’s Strawberry Tart inspired Candle by Novelly Yours
Character Art of America and Maxon, Eadlyn and Eikko, Aspen and Lucy, and Marlee and Carter designed by dianadworak
Bottom Right: Art Print of Kahlen, America, Eadlyn, and Hollis by sjwonderlandz
Full Unboxing

Happyr reading until next time,

4 thoughts on “World of Kiera Cass (The Betrothed) Unboxing by Beacon Book Box

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