The Raven and the Dove eARC Review

*I received an ecopy of this book to review*

The Raven and the Dove by Kaitlyn Davis

Now Available 


“A princess longing to be free…

On the dawn of her courtship trials, Princess Lyana Aethionus knows she should be focused on winning her perfect mate, yet her thoughts wander to the open sky at the edge of her floating kingdom. One final adventure calls. Upon fleeing the palace, the last thing she expects to find is a raven prince locked in a death match with a dragon.

A bastard aching to belong…

Reviled son of a dead king, Rafe would do anything for his beloved half-brother, Prince Lysander Taetanus, including posing as him in the upcoming courtship trials. When a dragon interrupts their secret exchange, he orders his studious sibling to run. After suffering a fatal blow, Rafe is saved by a beautiful dove who possesses forbidden magic, just like him.

Fate brought them together, now destiny will tear them apart…

Unknown to the world above, on the foggy sea ten thousand feet below, a young king fights a forgotten war. He believes Lyana is the queen prophesied to save the world, and with the help of his favored spy, hidden deep in the highest ranks of the dove royal house, he will stop at nothing to have her.

Three shocking betrayals. Two star-crossed lovers. One unforgettable journey. If you like fierce heroines, brooding heroes, forbidden romance, and action-packed magical adventures with twists you’ll never see coming, don’t miss The Raven and the Dove!”


5 Stars 

If you like:

  • POC MC
  • Royal Politics
  • Strong FMC
  • Magic and Fantasy
  • Secrets that Could Ruin Everything

Then this is the book for you!

I’ll be honest the cover was the first thing that drew me in because hello… the wings. I want to thank ACOTAR, An Enchantment of Ravens, Spin the Dawn, and let’s not forget, Damon for The Vampire Diaries for making me fall in love with characters with wings or can shift into birds (tbh I blame Rhys for the whole obsession of characters with wings). Then I had read the synopsis and found out that the that there’s a guy who an outcast among his people but important to the Raven’s society in the long run making this a story that I had to read.

Lyana is the princess of the doves and is old enough to enter the competition of all royal children of age to marry other royals to build bonds with different kingdoms. Lyana wants nothing more than to be able to find someone who she can trust with a life or death secret of her magic in a land where magic is seen as sorcery and punishable by death. Lyana also yearns to see the different places of the world and travel. So, when she helps saves who she assumes to be the prince of the ravens, she realizes that he has magic of his own and sees her opportunity of possibly being able to settle down with someone who she can confine in and have a relationship where she doesn’t have to hid a huge part of her life. 

She does what she wants and isn’t afraid of speaking out and bending the rules when needed. She sneaks out with her friend Cassi who is an owl and sees the lands close to the dove’s area. 

Rafe is the half brother of the actual prince of the ravens, Xander, and is blamed for the king’s death years ago. The ravens despise him, while Xander is his only friend. Because Xander was born without an arm, Rafe is the one who is representing the ravens in the competition since the other kingdoms are unaware of the prince’s disability and to give the raven’s a chance of finding a mate for their future king. Rafe is against the idea from the beginning but goes along with it for the sake of his half-brother. 

Rafe is the quiet brother who has the ability to fight and protect; while Xander is the one who is good with the people of his kingdom and cares for their wellbeing. 

Fate brings Rafe and Lyana together before the competition and they are drawn to each other. Lyanasees freedom in Rafe, and he sees someone who captivates his attention like no other. 

When it comes time in the competition where the people pick their mates, Lyana chooses Rafe and is one step closer to some of her biggest dreams coming true, but at the end of the ceremony she realizes that Rafe isn’t the real prince. She meets Xander and can see a repeat of her current life of not telling anyone about her magic, but she (along with Cassi as her protector) still goes with the ravens because she agreed to be their future queen. 

As time gets closer to Lyana and Xander’s mating ceremony and wedding, she starts to see some semblance of a peaceful life, but she can’t get Rafe out of her mind despite him giving her the cold shoulder and pushing her away, so Xander can be happy. 

While all of this is going on, Cassi is working on something of her own helping someone who is faraway with a situation that could be bigger than the four of them combined. 

With things continuing to happen, secretes are exposed and trust is broken. Will the four of them be able to work things out or will things be messed up beyond repair? In this book following in switching POVs of Lyana, Xander, Rafe, and Cassi, relationships are pushed to the limits and could cause years or heartache if it’s not handle carefully.

Happy reading until next time,

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