Chain of Gold Bookish Box Unboxing

Hi everyone! Happy Frida! My special edition Bookish Box for Chain of Gold came today! This will hopefully be my last unboxing for the next week or so since so many of the book box companies are starting to catch up from some of the complications of the Corona Virus.

I’m hoping to get a book tag up tonight, but the web version of WP isn’t letting me write posts so I’m on my phone and ipad trying to write these posts (so editing might not be the best until I can figure out what’s going on which explains why posts like The Raven and the Dove Review, FairyLoot and Bookish Box Unboxing, and OC Unboxing might look a little different) 🙃.

Top Left and Middle Right: Rune Book Pouch designed by Diana D Worak

Top Right: Rune Keychain

Bottom Left: Chain of Gold with a Signed Bookplate

Bottom Right: Exclusive Dust Jacket ft Tessa and Will’s Wedding designed by Nicole Deal Art

Top Left: CoG T-shirt that says ‘There is no better distraction in this world than loosing yourself in books’

Bottom Left: Tessa and Jen Art Print designed by Cassandra Jean

Top Left: London Insititue designed by Novern Tale that says ‘We are dust and shadows’

Bottom Right: Journal

Full Unboxing

My referral link

Happy reading until next time,

7 thoughts on “Chain of Gold Bookish Box Unboxing

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