Willow eARC Review

Willow by Elena Gray


“I’m Willow and this is my life story.

Be warned, there will be plenty of awkward moments. The most humiliating happen to be with my mother.

She’s a goddess who is determined to get me laid. What extent will my mother go to to achieve her goal? The Gods only know…

Oh and let’s not forget…zombies, a chupacabra and my ex-boyfriend are also part of the fun. 

Goddess help me, what more can go wrong? Wait no! Mom, I meant goddess in general, not you specifically.”


4.75 Stars 

If you like:

  • RH books
  • Companion Series
  • Shifter, gods, demigods, and reapers (and a chupacabra)
  • Possible zombies on the loose

Then this is the book for you!

This is book six of the thirteen books taking place in the magical town of Silver Springs following Willow shortly after the break up with her boyfriend Thane (who happens to be the god of death) because Willow felt like their relationship would end up hurting him. 

After picking up Love Blooms, the charmed book that seems to be doing just as the title suggests. It seems like Willow’s love life does a complete 180 after hitting a dragon shifter who had somehow turned into a chupacabra (which for some reason made the whole book – that there was a chupacabra not him getting hit), hits a reaper in the graveyard at night and “hog ties” him with magical rope, and runs into her ex that she still loves. 

If it’s not crazy enough that Willow had a nonexistent love life for a while to being surrounded by these hot guys that happen to be her mates and have the instinct to protect her at all cost, Hades believes that Willow is the reason why the zombies are popping up in Silvers Springs and is going to take away her magic if they can’t find the real source. 

Willow has to be my favorite book (not because I’ve read a lot of Elena’s books in the past) because this book didn’t make me feel like I was missing some vital piece of information from not having read all of the other books. There wasn’t any moments where I felt like an outsider trying to figure out an inside joke; sure there were a couple of times when some of the other main character had made an appearance, but I feel like they were better introduced than some of the past books.

Willow has a kind heart ready to protect others and willing to break ties if she feels like she’s holding someone back or keeping them safe from herself. 

Then there’s the guys… swoon. I loved these guys. Each one of them has a different personality than the other, but they are all just the right amount of protective without being smothering and sweet.

I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a smaller book to read that filled with twists and some steamy scenes!

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Happy reading until next time,

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