5 Star Books of 2020 (so far…)

Hi everyone! I took to twitter and instagram earlier this week and asked if anyone would be interested if I posted a list of the books that I’ve rated 5 stars (and 4.5 and 4.75 stars since I round those up to 5 stars when reviewing on other sites)!

I have the books organized in descending ratings (5, 4.75, 4.5) and have a short spinet of my review underneath the title. The link to my full review is connected to the title of the book. Most of the books are YA!

I also updated my book review page, so it now has all of my reviews to date on there!

5 Stars

All My Love, Alec Brock by Larissa Lopes

All I can say is that you should read this book because I was hooked from the preface of the story that was literally about a page and a half, and it has been well over a year since I’ve been sucked in by a book that quickly. In that short amount of time, I had already felt some much through the short conversation between Linda and a certain someone. You might also want to set some time aside so you can sit down and read this in one sitting because that’s basically what I ended up doing. I was trying to pace myself, so I won’t reading through this story to fast, but I ended up reading the whole thing in about 7 or 8 hours because Linda and Alec’s story is that addicting.

Adeline’s Aria by Laynie Bynum

Y’all this book left me on the edge of my seat the whole way through (and I don’t say that with a lot of contemporary books). I was hooked before I had finished reading the synopsis because it has the whole dating your celebrity crush who just so happens to be British and a musician, plus it’s recommended for people who loved You’d be Mine (which I love).

Meet Me at Midnight by Jessica Pennington

I love both Sidney and Asher. I see so much of myself in Sidney from her over planning and ways she has a habit of ending things before they get really serious. Sidney doesn’t like big crowds and tries to avoid those awkward social moments at all costs and replays events in her head looking at how things could have gone differently. And although it’s not always the best way to think, she prepares herself for the worse; which is something that I’m guilty of doing all the time.

Royal Decoy by Heather Frost

Y’all this book… it’s nothing short of an amazing book. I read it in about a day. With its twists and turns, I was trying to figure of how these characters are intertwined and found it next to impossible to put down.

The Kinder Poison by Natalie Mae

The Kinder Poison takes place in a world where people have different types of powers from being able to communicate with animals to wielding different elements of the earth. The strongest of those who hold magic are going to the palace to become one of the royal siblings protector in their journey to become the next heir.

The Raven and the Dove by Kaitlyn Davis

I’ll be honest the cover was the first thing that drew me in because hello… the wings. I want to thank ACOTAR, An Enchantment of Ravens, Spin the Dawn, and let’s not forget, Damon for The Vampire Diaries for making me fall in love with characters with wings or can shift into birds (tbh I blame Rhys for the whole obsession of characters with wings). Then I had read the synopsis and found out that the that there’s a guy who an outcast among his people but important to the Raven’s society in the long run making this a story that I had to read.

Crave by Tracy Wolff

I’ll be honest, I’m a werewolf person. Sure, I was Team Edward back in the day, and I love Damon from The Vampire Diaries (both the show and the book), but my heart is with the wolves (don’t know why but it is). That was until I read Crave; Jaxon is enough to make me want to switch sides and hang with the vampires.

The Third Sun: Daughter of the Phoenix by Victoria J. Price

I highly recommend this book for those who love books of adventure and friendships during tough times. This book will make you find beauty in the small things like being with those you call your family and friends. It’ll have you hanging on the edge of your seat as you follow Fia in her journey of helping Alexander and trying to get home!

To Carve a Fea Heart by Tessonja Odette

I was drawn in instantly by this book because of not only it’s cover but because it’s recommended for those who love ACOTAR, The Cruel Prince, and The Iron King. I’ll tell you, I’m not on for The Cruel Prince, I liked the Iron Prince (but haven’t read past the first book), and love ACOTAR and all things Rhys, so I had to give it a go… and I’m so glad that I did because I read this book in a little over a day (I didn’t even read the ACOTAR series in a time like that).

When I Found You by K. Leah (Adult Contemporary)

This is the second book in K. Leah’s Finding Home companion series, and y’all it’s amazing! It’s definitely the sweetest book I’ve read so far this year; it’s lighthearted with moments of swooning, laughing, and moments that makes your heart hurt.

The Best Mistake by Cookie O’Gorman (NA Contemporary)

As many of y’all know by now, I don’t read a lot of NA books because let’s be honest sometimes it’s more on the erotic side than actually telling a story. But when I got the email about this book blitz, I took one look at Archer on the cover and wanted to read it. Call me superficial I don’t care.

This is the type of NA book that I want to read. It takes the romance scenes and turns up the heat but not to the point to where I want to scrub my eyeballs after reading a bedroom scene.

4.75 stars

Glow of the Fireflies by Lindsey Duga

I love this book! It’s very well written with descriptive writing that isn’t overly painted that makes you skim over word but has the right amount of adjectives and adverbs to make the story come to life in your head as you read! The character of the story are lovable and sassy and determined and everything else you could want in a YA story. Then who doesn’t love a good mission to save someone you love (and the world) with the clock ticking and the uncertainty of the future.

Royally Hitched by G.K. DeRosa

Royally Hitched is the first book in The Dark Fae Series is set in the same world as The Hitched Series and The Half-Blood Series but can be read independently from those series although some things would make more sense of would be clearer. I would recommend to read The Hitched series before this one if you are interested in jumping into this world since I feel like that series would be spoiled the most because of not only the supernatural world and the stuff that happens to the Faes, but it’s completely up to up!

Trickster by Christina Bauer

In this book, Lincoln and Myla must prove that Myla is a suitable candidate to become queen since Aldred just had to throw down the metaphorical gauntlet because the man just won’t give up. This battle is one that will test both of them since Aldred is pulling out all the stops and hints at everything being a possibility for the couple to fight.

Willow by Elena Gray

I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a smaller book to read that filled with twists and some steamy scenes!

4.5 Stars

Below by Alexandra Warwick

In this epic first book about a girl set out to find not only her sister’s life but her own strength, she soon finds out that there are more to the stories that she was told as a child to keep her safe. Make sure you have a warm blanket and a hot drink to keep you hot as you read this book set in a land with ice and snow that span farther than you can imagine.

Charmed Souls by Abbi Glines

Charmed Souls is a fast pace book that leaves you on the edge of your seat the whole time, but I warn you know that there’s huge secrets revealed and a major cliffhanger, so buckle up and get ready for the ride!

The Realm by Leigh Walker

The Realm is a quick, fun read that will have you swooning faster than Tamara would care to admit over a certain werewolf, laughing, and wishing you were right there in the garden watching the gnomes roll around in the grass and between bushes. I read this book in less than a day and let me tell you, I need the next book in my life ASAP because to be honest Rhys has my heart.

Lincoln by Christina Bauer

The is the second book to the Angelbound Series. I know that some people are hesitant to read second books in a series because it can be a hit or miss, but this story is EPIC. Not going to lie, but this is one of the best second books I’ve read in a while.

From the very beginning of this book, I was hooked. Christina wastes no time to put Lincoln in a dangerous situation in the first few chapters and show us just how far Lincoln’s feeling is for Myla (more on this in a moment).

Something Unusual by Kit Winters

This is the fun short story prequel to Kit Winter’s upcoming book.

Something Unusual is only like 78ish pages, so I can’t talk about a whole lot without spilling all the tea, but I really enjoyed it! So when I say this is a mini review, I mean it’s kinda small.

Lupine by Hanleigh Bradley

So Lupine is book 3 out of thirteen books taking place in the magical town of Silver Springs. I’ll be honest, I didn’t read books one and two about Violet and Juniper, so I couldn’t really tell you how much these books are connected, but I was able to follow the storyline of this book pretty well, so I’m proof that you don’t necessarily have to read these books in order (but would probably recommend that you do read them in order so there aren’t any gaps, but your choice).

What are some of your highly rated books of the year so far? Let me know below!

Happy reading until next time,

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