Mid-Year Freak Out Tag: 2020 Edition

Hi everyone! I’m pretty sure I’m almost done catching up on past tags! I know that there are a couple left then I’ll be able to work on them as they happen! I was tagged by Nikki @ Nikki Swift Reads not to long ago to do this tag and thought that this was the most time sensitive since the middle of the year window is only a short time frame.

Can you believe that it’s already the middle of 2020? So far, it’s been interesting to say the least. Remember when everyone thought last year that 2020 was going to be a great year *starts sweating*… Each month has brought its own challenges and some months felt longer than others, and I’m praying that something good will happen to the world because we need it.

Anyway…overall, I’d say that I’ve had a pretty good reading year so far because I’ve read 37 out of my 50 book Goodreads challenge!

Throwback to 2019’s version!

Best book you’ve read so far in 2020?

Lazy answer… I just posted my list of 5 star books that I’ve read so far this year!

Answer that makes me sound like I’m not about to pass out from tiredness: I’ve read a lot of really great books so far. My favorite contemporary book might be All My Love, Alec Brock by Larissa Lopes because it’s a roller coaster of feels that comes along with being tricked into thinking you’re talking to a singer that might understand you only to realize the moment y’all actually meet, you’ve been talking to somebody else! Fantasy wise, it’s probably To Carve a Fae Heart by Tessonja Odette because it has fae princes and a great developing world!

Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2020?

To be honest, I believe that the only sequels I’ve read is only because I’ve signed up to review whole series or from books I read last year, and even though I enjoyed them, I’m not going to say them because personally this question makes me think of a sequel that I picked up on my own to read and not because I had to review it for an author.

New release you haven’t read yet, but want to?

Can I just say all of them? This year has been the year of reviewing books and not having time to just read books from my TBR. There have been so many books from different book boxes that I want to read but haven’t had time like Bone Crier’s Moon (which I’m planning to start soon), Woven Moonlight, The Betrothed, and All the Stars and Teeth in addition to From Blood and Ash and Serpent and Dove.

Most anticipated release for the second part of the year?

Crush by Tracy Wolff! This is the sequel to Crave (and honestly the only one that I can think of at the moment).

Also taking the moment to mention that I just posted the October releases if you’re looks for some upcoming books!

Biggest disappointment?

My Summer of Love and Misfortune by Lindsay Wong. You know those books that are about something that you have a passion for like POC or a sexual or mental rep that you tend to be a little more critical of it? Well I think this is what happened with me because I was honestly kind of upset with this book.

Honorable mention: The Deal by Stella Gray. This is one of those books that you see advertising on FB about it being free, so I downloaded it from amazon. I fee like it was such a huge waste of my time because the MC were fighting over half of the book and made me want to DNF it.

Biggest surprise?

I’d like to give this to The Best Mistake by Cookie O’Gorman. This is a NA book that I read because I was very intrigued by the synopsis and actually really enjoyed the book!

New favorite author (debut or new to you)?

Possibly Kaitlyn Davis or Tracy Wolff. Both of these authors are new to me and have plenty of books that have been published already, so I need to obviously catch up since I loved the book that I read by them this year.

Underrated gems you’ve discovered recently?

Glow of the Fireflies by Lindsey Duga! This book has such a detailed world building and has a close tie with nature that it felt like I was on the adventure with the characters!

Rereads this year?

I’d love to be able to reread The Lux Series by JLA, Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins, and Of Poseidon by Anna Banks before the year ends! I feel like I said this last year, or in some other post, but I want to reread a bunch of my favorite books that I had read before blogging so I can post reviews of them!

Newest fictional crush?

Jaxon from Crave, Alec from All My Love, Alec Brock, Asher from MMaM, and Chase from When I Found You… just to name a few!

Newest favorite character?

It might be Clare from Royal Decoy just because everything she’s doing to keep her family safe by standing in as the princess to be the one targeted.

Book that made you cry?

I’d going to say about 90% of the books that I’ve read because I’m an emotional person to begin with and get a little misty eye pretty quick.

Book that made you happy?

When I Found You by K. Leah. This is a sweet, fun book that I reviewed and it honestly one of the sweetest books I’ve ever read!

Favorite book to film adaptation?

I don’t think I’ve seen any this year! I’ve been wanting to watch P.S. I Still Love You but haven’t had the time (or heart to watch it because one of my friends is now team John and I love Peter).

Most beautiful cover you’ve bought this year (or received)?

I love The Bookish Box’s cover for Crave and the copy of The Maiden Ship that Fae Crate had sent!

What books do you need to read by the end of they year?

Books I absolutely want to read before the end of the year is Defy Me and Imagine Me, Serpent and Dove, The Brightest Star, and if I can pull it off Chain of Gold.

Favorite post that you have done this year?

Favorite book community members?


I’m tagging those I listed above (if you haven’t already don’t this tag this year) and anyone else who would enjoy answering these questions!

Happy reading until next time,


14 thoughts on “Mid-Year Freak Out Tag: 2020 Edition

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  3. ahh, thank you for mentioning me in the favorite book community section lauren 😭😭💕 i’m so honored!! also, haha, i do remember when we all thought 2020 was gonna be a great year. now i feel like such a clown, and honestly, i am dreading what more this year has in store for us :((((((

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  4. Thank you so so much for tagging me and saying that I’m one of your favorite members of this community. That’s incredibly sweet!! 💕
    You’re absolutely amazing at introducing me to books I’ve never heard before. I just keep adding them to my TBR.
    I can’t wait to do the tag!

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