Devilishly Damaged Review + Playlist

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Devilishly Damaged by Abigail Cole


“The sad truth is we all have our own demons to fight, no matter what life we were born into.”

After surviving a traumatic childhood, Avery Hughes’ luck finally seems to have turned around when she is adopted by a famously rich couple and their son. Her new life is one of extreme luxury and filled with more love than she believes she deserves. However, when tragedy strikes, Avery finds herself in the care of her estranged brother and his gang of Shadowed Souls. Torn between their alluring charms and the darkness that lurks beneath, Avery is forced to rely on every tactic she’s learnt over the years to evade their torment, all the while needing to protect her heart.

This is a contemporary dark bully romance which may have triggers for some as there are dark love-hate themes, intense flashbacks and bullying, sexual scenes and some violence. Not recommended for under 18’s or the faint of heart.”


5 Stars 

If you like:

  • Characters with Dark Pasts
  • Complicated Love Interests
  • Bully Romance 
  • Plot Twists
  • Upper YA/NA books

Then this is for you!

Trigger Warnings: PTSD from rape and other dark backstories that is talked about throughout the book, possible suicide, and the bully romance.

Devilishly Damaged is story that is like the Royals series by Erin Watt meets the Ghost Bird Series by C.L. Stone. This is not an RH story; I wouldn’t object if it had been because I like a good RH story because it would be hard to choose one between some of the guys in this.

On the outside, it looks like Avery has everything from being adopted by a wealthy family who loves her and having opportunities that many dream of, but they don’t know that she has to put a mask on to keep her demons at bay or it could take her under. Despite the glamorous life, she gives back to those less fortunate. 

The story picks up with Avery and her adopted father, Nixon, at his wife’s (Avery’s adopted mother’s) funeral following a car accident. The funeral is packed with people who only want to be there at the service because Avery’s mom was a famous actress. Best friend, Meg, comes and saves Avery from the fake smiles and false sympathy of the people around her as she grieves the lose of one of her parents who saved her as a child. Right before Avery is able to get away with Meg to eat ice cream, her adopted brother who hates her existence, Wyatt shows up.

Later that night Nixon informs both Wyatt and Avery that he has to go on a work trip for the stock market and Wyatt is in charge of keeping Avery safe until he comes back. Both Avery and Wyatt try to talk him out of it, but Nixon has his mind set and even threatens to take away Wyatt’s inheritance if anything happens to her. 

Wyatt decides to call over his group of friends, The Shadowed Souls, from college who he considers to be more of a family than his own to keep him company and help him make Avery’s life awful until Nixon is back to relieve Wyatt of his job. 

All of the guys in the Shadowed Souls are guys who come from a rich family but have a difficult home life; it’s their lack of family relations that caused them to forge a bond of their own with each other.

Her life does a flip when all of the guys get here taunting her and helping Wyatt make her life as awful as he can until he gets a little to carried away and the other guys are faced with being loyal to one of their family members or this girl who’s existence has made Wyatt feel like the unwanted child.

As the story goes on new relationships are formed while others are put to the test when lives are put on the line when someone wants one of the Hughes children as a payment to a debut that is past due. 

I love this book because it’s a bit (okay a lot) darker than a regular YA book. I’m in that weird reading place where I’m a YA reader at heart but want something a little grittier. There’s a lot of raw emotions that everyone has in this book has and it still haunts them years later that has shaped them into the people they are. In many ways they’ve used the darkness to become better people but still have those moments when they succumb to it. 

This book has those moments that makes me hold my breath with anticipation trying to figure out if Wyatt will ever break Avery, wondering if he will ever be able to work through his feelings, and so many other things. 

As secrets start to unravel and the truth is being brought to light, everyone has to make the choice of putting aside everything to try to uncover the rest of the truth before someone get taken… or worse. 


  • Can We Dance by The Vamps
  • Picture by Kid Rock ft. Sheryl Crow
  • Red Desert by 5SOS 
  • Dear God by Hunter Hayes
  • Hair Too Long by The Vamps 
  • Take What You Want by ONE OK ROCK ft. 5SOS 
  • Wasabi by Little Mix

Happy reading until next time,

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