Sage eARC Review

Sage: A paranormal romance (Spell Library Book 8) by [J.E. Cluney, Silver Springs Library]

*I received an eARC of this book to review*

Sage by J.E. Cluney


Do you know what I love? Being my own boss. Do you know what I hate? A lack of social life.

Silver Springs is supe friendly, so I thought it was the perfect place to call home with my pet pig, Wilma.

Too bad I can’t seem to get myself out to meet people, despite Wilma’s consistent nagging.

Oh, did I mention she talks? Turns out I was born as a slightly defective mermaid, more animalistic than I’d like to admit.

The one bonus? I’m Mrs freakin DooLittle. I consider it a curse at times.

I’d been hoping that Silver Springs might be my one place to maybe meet someone special, but I’m starting to think that was all a dream I can’t reach.

That is, until I decide to fancy up my special pool out back.

Blaine is one fine as hell landscaper, and he’s got some delicious friends to help him.

Maybe Silver Springs isn’t so bad.

Now if only Wilma can stop telling me good their butts look from her level.


4.5 Stars

If you like:

  • Fast Burn RH books
  • Companion Series
  • Mermaids
  • Vampires & Werewolf and Phoenix Shifters

Then this is the book for you!

This is book eight of the thirteen books taking place in the magical town of Silver Springs following Sage as she finds herself relocating to the protected town of Silver Springs with her pet pig, Wilma, who happens to be a witch.

After being on the move for most of her life, Sage wants a place where she can be herself… well as much as she can given that even when she’s out of water, she has patches of her mermaid scales showing. She’s put her love life on hold at the moment for several reasons including work and her own insecurities from being outcasted by her own family.

One afternoon when the landscaper, Blaine, is working, Sage decides to pick up Love Blooms (aka the book that has been making Silver Springs the love hotspot). Not long after, she gets the tingling feeling (get your head out of the gutter)… the mate tingles for not only Blaine, but his friends who’s helping him making everyone confused because they aren’t the same type of supe and multiple mates are rather rare (but it is Silver Springs after all).

As Sage (and the guys) try to sort of their feelings for this sudden mating feelings, somebody’s ex decides to make themselves known and could ruin the beginning of their future together.

To be honest, this is one of my favorite books that I’ve read in the series! It had the right amount of drama without making it overbearing with humor mixed into most of the scenes to lighten any tension created. All of the characters had pasts that had caused them to be in the small town. Plus, all of the guys were super sweet (would they want to be called sweet?) and no one was in alpha mode 24/7.

This book is a fun fast paced book about a young woman dealing with the beginnings of an unexpected relationship. I just wished that there was more shifting from both the wolf and Phoenix, and I wanted to see some fangs! Sage seems to be on the more realistic side with handling the shocking news of having multiple mates. It wasn’t just *bam* mating bond shows up and we live happily ever after, but the array of emotions from this powerful bond and having to get to know the person before you accept it.

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Happy reading until next time,

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