Falling with Prince Mini Review

Falling with Prince by Emma Love


“Julia had been in love with Prince Tristan for as long as she could remember. He could never do wrong in her eyes. She felt that she was the only one who understood him. Everybody thought he was a bad guy but she knew better. When she started working as his maid, she never for once thought that they would be friends. Being friends with the prince made her fall in love with him even more. But wasn’t she living in a dream world? How did she expect a prince to have anything to do with a maid?

Tristan hadn’t expected to be friends with his maid which was greatly frowned at. But she seemed to be the only one who understood him. She listened to his lamentations about how unloved he was. She made him feel like he mattered more than anything else in the world. So, it wasn’t surprising that he rose to her defense when she was ill-treated by his ex-girlfriend. And the incident brought with it the revelation that he was in love with Julia. He didn’t want to ruin their friendship. So, how would he get her to know that he was in love with her?”


4 Stars

If you like:
• Romance
• Royalty
• Short Stories

Then this is for you!

So, I got this book in one of those emails with the link to bookfunnel with a bunch of titles that of a particular topic and this one had romance stories. I got this story because I’m a sucker for anything with royals in it!

For a story that is less than 50 pages, I’d say that this is overall is a really good short story. It contains all of what would be the high or major parts of the story without the filler.

I found it interesting that Julia started to work as a maid for the palace at the age of 1 for five years and was assigned to be Tristan’s maid at such a young age. I feel like Julia is a rather basic character being the one that is short and feeling like she’s not pretty enough to catch the prince’s eye in a romantic way instead of a friendship, but I guess that’s part of what makes this story draw you in with the normal girl getting the guy that everyone wants.

I love that this story is told from both Tristan and Julia’s POV because it makes it feel longer than it is and shows both how the character telling that chapter feels and thinks, but it also lets us see the one not telling that character through the eyes of the other and is a great way to bring depth.

I just wish that this story was just a bit longer, so we could see a bit more of what happens to Tristan and Julia’s relationship after they got together to see if they could actually handle some of the stress of the public because after the drama that made the two act on their feelings, the resolution of the story came so quickly. And, based on the synopses of the other stories (that are also around the same length of this one), I don’t think we’ll see anything more than a few sentences about Tristan and Julia since they follow Tristan’s other siblings.

Happy reading until next time,

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