Omega Secrets Review

Omega Secrets by A.C. Wilds


“Trapped in a life, she never wanted. 

Clara is an Omega. Treated like nothing, expecting the taunts and ridicule. When a deal turns to ash, Clara learns the truth about herself – she’s tied to the pack forever.

Mated to the three men who made her life unbearable, Clara needs to find a way to accept her tormentors. The safety of the Blackclaw pack depends on it.

Left vulnerable and broken, all of them could die if the wrong people find out. Will Clara choose to save them or turn her back on them all?

Lovers of Patricia Briggs and Kelley Armstrong will love A.C. Wilds’ Blackclaw Pack Series.”


3 Stars

If you like:

  • Bully Romance
  • Reverse Harem
  • Short Stories
  • Werewolves

Then this book is for you!

I bought this book because of the combination of werewolves and reverse harem. It sounded like the perfect match.

Well, I read this book about 2 weeks ago and can’t remember the characters names so take what you want from that. I haven’t read a lot of bully romance, but I’ve read a few and enjoyed them more than I thought, so I decided to give this book I go. Omega Secrets is 100% bully with a few romance scenes which I guess is a lot given that the books is less than 100 pages, but it was a heat of the moment thing and was instantly regretted by Clara because she’s so confused.

I feel like there’s a pretty strong plot given the short length, but it took me a hot second on getting the guys straight in my mind.

Let’s talk about the guys for a second. So the guys who are Clara’s mates are the alpha, beta, and delta, so they are the top of the pack. All 3 guys are supposed to the ones who make sure that Clara is cared for, but instead they are the ones that makes her life awful from sun up to sun down. They’ve know for a while that she was their mate but didn’t want to act on it because they (cough cough the Alpha) was young and didn’t want an omega mate to make him look weak which yes, I understand that wolves live in a certain hierarchy, but mates are this special someone bless upon you by the moon goddess that is your other half and to treat that person worse than the dirt you walk on… yea I couldn’t get behind this particular part of the story.

Then whenever they did confess that they were her mates, I really think that they expected her to accept the bond right there on the spot despite the years of misery.

I just think that given the circumstances, the book should have been slightly longer because it felt rushed, and I could help but let out a couple of deep sighs at times.

Happy reading until next time,

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