Tainted Romance Review

Tainted Romance by Simone Elise


It was never about love. It was never about want. It was only about need.

Zane needs Allie. It is in his blood, an obligation coursing through his veins, and when you’re being pulled by a force as powerful as being mated to another, there isn’t much you can do to stop it. No matter how much you want to.

Allie is counting down the days to her 21st birthday when she can leave town and be freed from all pack commitments. Zane is next in line to rule their pack as the Alpha. The only thing these two have in common is their mutual disdain for one another, so when their inner wolves connect, life gets really complicated.”


2.25 Stars

If you like:

  • Werewolves
  • Drama
  • Complicated Relationships
  • Hot/Cold Guys

Then this is for you!

Look, it almost physically pained me to rate a book this low. For the longest, After was the book that was the lowest rated book on my blog and even my DNF book was rated 3 stars, but there were a mix of things in Tainted Romance that made this reading experience unenjoyable.

I was really excited to read this book because of the werewolves and sounded like a I don’t like you to lover thing, but ugh this book. It just made me deep sigh and roll my eyes so many times during the 427 pages (71 chapters) of the book, yet I couldn’t put it down because it was like watching an accident and not being able to look away as it happens. This book is directed towards a certain audience, and I’m not apart of it apparently.

First off, if you’re looking for a book with the whole werewolf factor, this book isn’t it. The characters only turned into wolves one time, and there were only a handful of were the wolves were referenced while Zane and Allie were humans and it was basically “my wolf wants you but the human part of me hates you” type of thing, or it’s because my wolf is the one that wants to protect you. The main werewolfish things in this book were the whole having a mate concept and the mind connection between said mates.

All of the relationships in this book were toxic. Allie was the quite girl who had two friends who were guys and werewolves. She had no real relationships with any of the pack members and was viewed as the outcast. Blake and Allie had a friends with benefit relationship while the one with his twin brother, Chase, was more brotherly relationship. Blake was the broody one out of the two brothers and would have been the one to pursue a romantic relationship with Allie had they not had mates.

Then we have Allie and Zane’s relationship that was rocky all throughout the book. Zane has commitment issues, and I don’t know why. He never said other than just being able to sleep with different females. His idea of a perfect mate was someone who the pact would respect when he became Alpha and it wasn’t Allie in any way. He didn’t even know that Allie existed until the mating bond hit them. Then when he realized what happened, he was ready to reject her right then and there without getting to know her (but in this world, you have to wait 6 months before you could do it). Allie wasn’t to thrilled about it either because she wants to leave the pack and travel once she’s old enough to do so, and all of her encounters with Zane shows how much of a jerk he is.

Both Allie and Zane were never on the same page at the same time, and Zane was always so hot/cold with her that it was hard to get a true reading on his character. Once one of them was willing to try to work on their relationship, the switch would flip on the other, and we had one trying and the other one pulling away. Zane would get possessive when Allie was with Blake, or Allie when Zane was with Ebony, but they weren’t able to discuss their feelings without it blowing up in their faces and someone going to do somethings stupid.  That went on for hundreds of pages. The only time they made any progress was when it was a life or death situation and there were still so many issues that would arise and set them back.

He played so many mind games with Allie even if he wasn’t aware that he was doing it. He would be sweet one moment than goes to being cold with her during school and acting like she’s not sitting a few desks away from her. He also likes to always bring up that Allie wanted to leave the pack before the mating happened.

Then we have Allie’s mom. She literally sent her daughter to live in the pack house as punishment because it had threated her status within the pack. Her mom was constantly keeping secrets, and I felt like she hardly cared about Allie given some of the stuff that happened throughout the book.

And, there’s another set of newly mated wolves in this book, and their relationship is a toxic piece of work all of its own. They finished the bond and were tied to each other. Then once they got into a fight or disagreed on something, they you go out and sleep with someone just to make the other person mad.

No body in this book apparently wants to have a rational conversation.

I also couldn’t get over Zane having an arm of tattoos and being a senior in high school with said tattoos AND being the pact’s future alpha. I just felt like he was a bit out there when it comes to future alpha, but that’s just me.

There’s also the fact of the grammar that I couldn’t look over. I’m not one to normally talk about the grammar of a book because it’s not my thing, but there were so many error between the punctuation, incorrect use of words and homophones, and there were also a couple of times were there weren’t any space between word. I was also confused by some of the slang that the characters used because they were saying British things, yet I was under the assumption that the book was set in the US since Allie was hoping to travel to Europe.

I felt like the plot of this story had problem after problem with little breaks in between, but if you’re into heavier stories with lots of dips, then this is the one you want!

Happy reading until next time,

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