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Hemlock (Academy of the Dead Book 1) by [Rue  Volley]

Hemlock by Rue Volley

Book 1 of the Academy of the Dead Series


Release: Now Available



Every five hundred years, humanity bears a child who has unlimited power over life and death.

And now she’s a teenager.

Rook Dagger spent the first fifteen years of her life safely tucked away in a beautiful cottage on the lake, enjoying home-cooked meals and homeschooling far away from the rest of the world.

But her power couldn’t be hidden forever.

The time has come for her to be enrolled in Hemlock Academy, a centuries-old institution designed to cultivate and create the greatest necromancers in the world.

The children who attend will one day be placed among the seven kingdoms of magic, serving Kings and country for as long as they’re needed.

To harness the power surging through her veins, Rook will need guidance in the art of giving of life… and taking it away.

This power makes her unique.



Her abilities could make her an unstoppable force of nature if she wasn’t hung up on a boy.

G Gianni—a beautiful distraction with pouty lips, pale skin, and a sharp tongue.

His attention consumes her. His scent entices her. His words infuriate her.

She loves to hate him.

He hates to love her.

And together? Well, together, they could destroy the world.

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4 Stars

 If you like: 

  • Paranormal Romance 
  • Lower to Middle YA
  • Slow Burn Romance
  • Magical Schools

Then this book is for you!

If I had to describe this book, I’d say it’s like Crave meets Hex Hall with a hint of Mara Dyer! 

Hemlock is a fast paced story following Rook as she leaves home at fifteen to go to school for the supernatural. She was born as with the ability to kill things (and bring them back to life for a price) even though both of her parents are human.

Once Rook finds herself at the school for those of the paranormal world, it’s like the blinds are removed and she’s seeing so many new things for the first time. 

With her roommate Nadia (who also happens to be the headmaster’s daughter) helps Rook settle into the school and teaches her the ins and outs of the school and those attending.

On the first night there, the students have there usually Spin the Crown which is similar to spin the bottle with the guy whispers a spell to the crown and it finds his soul mate(?) and seals the bond with a kiss. Well, the boy that caught Rook’s attention goes and the crown lands on her… but what if there relationship is never meant to be anything more than classmates despite the pull to the other. 

In this first book to a deep story, Rook learns more about herself and digs deeper into one of the guys at school who is mysterious to everyone. She has to decide if she’s going to let her powers dictate her life and cause her to keep those she loves at an arms length.

This review originally appeared on my blog on Aug. 28, 2020.

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About the Author:

Rue Volley is a USA Today Bestselling Author and award-winning screenwriter who is best known for creating compelling storylines with a multitude of twists and turns that leave her readers virtually speechless.

She specializes in paranormal romances that include otherworldly characters who, regardless of their supernatural abilities, feel oddly familiar, or in other words, human. This, coupled with her easy reading style, a wicked sense of humor, and excellent world-building skills, has garnered her a fiercely loyal fan base over the past decade who support her regardless of what genre she chooses to write in.

Some of her best works include The Dead Boy’s Club, 13 Ways to Midnight, Hellhound, The Devil’s Gate, and A Vampires Tale of Blood and Light. All of which utilize her skill at piecing together compelling dramas that highlight her love for vampires, witches, angels, and demons across many genres, including young adult, new adult, urban fantasy, and erotic romance.

Rue Volley’s work seems to be synonymous with one phrase in the publishing world.

Thoroughly addictive.

Happy reading until next time,

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