Loves Blooms eARC Review

** I received an eARC of this book to review **

Love Blooms by C.C. Pine (Mia Harlan, Hanleigh Bradley, J.E. Cluney, Eva Delaney, Jewels Arthur, and Elena Gray)

Now Available


“Zirconia is all set for her grand coronation when tragedy strikes. Something horrid has befallen the people of Silvania, and Zirconia, despite her sheltered upbringing, finds herself teaming up with the most unlikely of commoners to save her queendom:

– Her sexy best friend, a bunny shifter

– A hulky bear shifter mercenary

– A royal prince on a mission

– An eccentric, devilish vampire who has a flair for the dramatic

Romance blooms, allies are made, and Zirconia finds she’s gotten more than she bargained for with her hot as hell companions.

Can her unlikely companions help her save her people, or will this quest prove futile?”


4 Stars

We finally get to read Love Blooms which is the book that has been stirring up “trouble” in the quaint town of Silver Springs which takes place in the book series prior to the release of this book.

Love Blooms follows Princess Zirconia on the day of her coronation when she finds that the people of her kingdom have been placed under the spell of a mage leaving the town in havoc with people who don’t even remember the name much less where the under ware goes.

In a daring adventure to save her people, Zee is able to free her friend Jace from the spell of the mage with a kiss, and they set off looking to free the town.

Along the way, they pick up some other guys who are able to bring different strengths that the group needs in order to make it to the point of releasing everyone memory back.

As the journey progresses, so does the feelings of the guys for Zee. And Zee has feelings for the guys in return, but she soon to be queen. How will her people feel with her taking commoners as her husbands to rule by her side?

Now Zee is worrying about not only finding this mystical mage but also deciding if she should follow her heart and accept the love that has presented itself.

Love Blooms is such a fun and quirky book with Zee being a flower shifter who can not only speak to flowers but turn into any type of flower (and a couple of other fun things relating to flowers) to Jace being a rabbit shifter. This book takes place in a medieval type setting with the concept of castles and kingdoms (or queendom in this case) but with a modern feel with the people drinking cappuccinos and things like that.

I love that all of the characters have characteristics of the thing that thy are able to shift into when they are human and these two things that makes them that person is so coherent no matter what their form is!

I highly recommend this book if your looking for a fun, light romance book with twists along the way!

Happy reading until next time,

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