To Wear a Fae Crown eARC Review

** I received an eARC of this book to review **

To Wear a Fae Crown by Tessonja Odette 


Every young woman dreams of wearing a crown.
But never a fae crown.
Because the crowns of fae are forged with blood.

Being the forced bride of a fae king was supposed to be torture. King Aspen was supposed to be my enemy.

But I was wrong about him. So wrong I think I might be in love with him.

With our wedding just three days away, we are closer than ever to securing the treaty between the humans and fae. But when my past becomes grounds for invalidating our alliance, war looms yet again.

I’m the only one who can save the Fair Isle. If I do it, I’ll have to give up the man I love. Return to the human realm. Face death.

I swore I’d do anything to save my people. But who are my people? The answer should be easy. The humans. There’s just one problem.

I might not be human after all…”


5 Stars 

If you like:

  • Faes 
  • Politics/Treaties
  • Secretes and Deception 
  • Strong Female MCs

Then this is the book for you!

To Wear a Fae Crown is the epic sequel to the first book To Carve a Fae Heart which I read this year. The first book automatically hooked me from the very beginning and has been one of my favorite books so far this year, and this sequel didn’t disappoint me one bit!

Plus, Aspen stole whatever was left of my heart that he didn’t take from book one!

So right away I was drawn back into this world of Evie and Aspen where the story picks up with the question of Evie’s heritage is brought up by the humans that threatens the treaty being completed. If it’s not bad enough that Evie might now find out that her blood contains the magic that she so hard tried to deny in most of the first book, her mother is now locked up waiting for her trial in hiding Evie and her sister’s blood line. All of this news causes for a new set of girls to be set from the reaping and causing Aspen to pick a new mate in the name of keeping the treaty in tact.

In an effort to save her mother, Evie travels back to the human land leaving behind the growing relationship between herself and Aspen to try and save her mother and get the truth about her parents. After several instances upon arriving back to her home town, Evie gets the truth about her mother and finds out that her mother has been hiding things from the very beginning and Evie is a quarter fire fae, and to add to that load of information, she’s a direct descendant to the original Fire Fae king. 

Evie and Lorelei are able to make it back to the fae land and protection from the Lunar Court where Prince Franco is a relentless flirt with unlimited innuendos, but despite his flirty nature, he turns out to be a good friend in these unpredictable times. Evie would welcome it if she wasn’t already mated to Aspen, but Aspen is supposed to soon be mated to another person to keep war from occurring between the Fae and humans.

In this story, Evie learns more about herself than she knew was there and must decide if she’s strong enough to use this information will help her in the end.

I feel like any book that deals with fae, the fae world has to have a certain amount of magical quality just because of their nature, and Tessonja once again provides a world that would be up to most the fae’s expectations with the way she describes everything through Evie’s eyes. 

I also love the fae themselves in this book because we have the seelie fae who are the ones with the human like quandary emotions then we have the unseelie fae who give into that other part of themselves. These fae have different powers and abilities depending on what court they are from and some are able to change forms also depending on their powers!

This whole series so far has been an emotional rollercoaster with twists that and fae lover with enjoy from the first chapter of book one!

Happy reading until next time,

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