The Fall Time, Cozy Time Book Tag and Stuck at Home Book Tag

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done a book tag, so today I thought I’d catch up on some of those that I was tagged to do! The past couple of months had been so crazy that I got behind ~again~ on doing book tags! I just wanted to thank all of those who have tagged me because school has me so overwhelmed, and I don’t have time to do much.

The Fall Time, Cozy Time Book Tag

I was tagged by Autumn @ Chapter Mallumpkin to do this tag which I’m so excited to do because last year I did a bunch of fall tags and wanted to do one this year but wasn’t sure which one to do (at the moment)!

Crunching Leaves: The world is full of color! Choose a book with red/orange/yellow on the cover. 

The Princess Will Save You by Sarah Henning! Have I read this book yet? No, but I love the cover and the synopsis of the book! I received a copy of it in a book box a couple of months ago and have been wanting to read it for a while.

 Cozy Sweater: It’s finally cool enough for warm, cozy clothing! What book gives you the warm fuzzies? 

When I think of books giving me warm fuzzies, my mind automatically goes to contemporary books since they ~typically~ aren’t as heavy as fantasy books (since you know that fantasy books are all about saving the world but there are some warm moments in those books). Anyway, Sparkle and Glitter by Shari L. Tapscott is a fun, light book that is so adorable; plus it has extra memories attached to it for me because I was reading it while I was on my senior trip in New York back in high school.

 Fall Storm: The wind is howling and the rain is pounding. Choose a book that you like to read on a stormy day. 

I don’t know! There are so many books that are way to easy to get lost in once I pick them up! I’d either read Paper Princess by Erin Watt or Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout or Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins since I know how I end of reading a good chuck of the book whenever I flip through them!

 Cool Crisp Air: Makes you breathe freely. Who’s the coolest character you’d want to trade places with? 

Feyre… I mean Rhys, The Night Court… do I need to keep going?

Hot Apple Cider: Warm autumnal drink. What underhyped book do you want to see become the next biggest, hottest thing? 

You know what series needs more attention? The Testing Series by Joelle Charbonneau. If dystopian books make a comeback, this would be the book that everyone needs to read. It’s like the Hunger Game meets Divergent. I loved this series (dare I say more than the Hunger Games), and love to see it in the book community more.

Coat, Scarves, & Mittens: The weather has turned cold & it’s time to cover up! What’s a book cover you don’t like? 

I really don’t know *shrugs*. There are some YA book covers from like the 90s/early 2000s that aren’t the prettiest, but that could be because the covers over the past 5 or so years has gotten away from using real people on the front of the books. The one book that I can really think of at the moment that I’m not a fan of the original cover for is Uglies by Scott Westerfield

Pumpkin Spice: Time for some Starbucks! What’s your favorite fall comfort food? 

Anything warm like soup or pasta!

Stuck at Home Book Tag

I was also tagged by Autumn to do this tag over a month ago to do this tag! For a while I thought I had done this one, but apparently I had done the Stay at Home Tag!

The Tag Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer all the questions below
  • Pingback to the creator: Ellyn @ Allonsythornraxx
  • Nominate 5+ bloggers you’d like to know more about to do this tag

What are you currently reading? 

Right now, I’ve only had time to read textbooks which are Maternal and Child Nursing Care and my Mental Health Nursing book. I haven’t had any time to read the books I need to review since school has started back in late August.

What’s your favorite ‘can’t leave the house’ activity? 

Other than reading, it would now be sleeping! I feel like I haven’t been able to sleep in past 8 or 9 now because there’s so much stuff that I have to do! If we want an actual hobby, I’d say Animal Crossing (new horizon? Is that the one for the Nintendo switch?). I got the game last week for my birthday, so I haven’t gotten a lot done, but I can’t wait to get back into the world of animal crossing since this one is a good bit different from the other versions!

What book have you been meaning to read forever? 

Oh good heavens, there are so many *hides behind hands*. I’m like four books behind in the Shadowhunter’s Chronicles, then there’s the SJTR series that I haven’t even started, and books like We Hunt the Flames and Night Circus… the list could go on and on.

An intimidating book on your tbr? 

Based on size, it would be Under the Dome by Stephen King. In general, it would be Chain of Gold because I’m not mentally ready to see Will again much less as a parent.

Top three priority books on your tbr? 

Not including books I received to review…

  • Crush by Tracy Wolff
  • Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin
  • The Betrothed by Kiera Kass

Recommend a short book?

Either An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson or As She Fades by Abbi Glines! Both books are roughly 250 pages long. An Enchantment of Ravens is a fun fantasy book with a human painter who gets sucked into the world of the fae when she paints the prince with a human emotion while As She Fades is heavier NA contemporary book that will make you cry the whole way through.

Recommend a long book? 

ACOTAR just because I’m a sucker for the series and can’t think of anything else right now.

Something you love to do while stuck at home? 

Paint the edges of some of my books.

What do you plan on reading next?

I don’t know, probably Crush whenever it gets to me (it’s scheduled to be delivered tomorrow), but right now I have so much going on with school that I don’t have time to even think about reading!

If you’d like to do any of these tags, consider your self tagged! Just link me in the post, so I can read it!

Happy reading until next time,

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