Magnolia Don’t Trip the Bride eARC Mini Review

** I received an eARC of this book to review **

Magnolia Don’t Trip the Bride by Melissa Adams


Butter my butt and call me a biscuit!

Magnolia is delighted when she’s asked to be the maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding.

But Jen’s wedding won’t be the only one you’ll go to this year because Max, Blake and Porter are planning a proposal of their own.

All they have to do is decide who gets to pop the question. That’s what rock, paper, scissors is for, right?

But not everything is peaches and cream for our klutzy southern belle and her friends.

Meet Magnolia’s dad and her mom-ricane.

What happens when Gemma’s ex Peaches comes back to town determined to steal back her heart?

You’ll have to come to the wedding of the year in Silver Springs to find out but for all that’s holy, don’t trip the bride!


4 Stars

This the sequel that follows Magnolia and her group of guys following the events from the first book that was published with the Silver Springs collection earlier this year! So, although you don’t have to read all 13 books in the set, you do have to read Magnolia before this one!

It was so much fun seeing these character again and catching up with them during some important (and interesting) times in their lives. Magnolia, Porter, Max, and Blake’s relationship is as strong as ever overcoming many things along the way while friends of the couple, Jen and Gemma, are also taking things to the next level until a speed bump in the form of an ex-fiancé comes to town trying to rekindle a relationship with Gemma.

Magnolia Don’t Trip the Bride takes place short after the ending of the first book after the relationships had have time to grow into something serious. Magnolia and her guys are at a good place in their relationship. They’re living together and are able to have some fun *if you catch me drift* despite crazy work shifts.

As the story unfolds in this book, it’ll having you hanging on to every word with Magnolia crazy little sayings and Frank’s stealing habits (Frank is their dog) all while hoping that the bride actually makes it down the isle!

This is a fun book filled with romance that will have you laughing and at some times praying that these characters make it through an embarrassing situation!

Happy reading until next time,

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