Fairy Misspelled by Elena Gray eARC Mini Review

Fairy Misspelled (Tipsy Fairy Godmother Chronicles Book 2) by [Elena Gray]

Fairy Misspelled by Elena Gray (now available)


Maddie Reynolds is tired of the dating scene. There are too many frogs and not enough princes. Her brother found his happily ever after and she’s resigned to continue flying solo.

Just when she thinks her sexy fire fighting neighbor, Chase Manning, would be perfect boyfriend material, she discovers he’s like every other frog out there. Where is her fairy godmother when she needs her?

Chase thinks his neighbor, Maddie, is hotter than the fires he puts out. Too bad she’s as cold as ice whenever he’s around. 

Knowing he doesn’t stand a chance, he still can’t get her out of his mind and to make matters worse, he’s having crazy dreams of her and a frog. Yep, you heard right. A damn frog.

Will Maddie’s kiss turn this frog into a prince? 


4 Stars

Fairy Misspelled is another adorable and quirky story by Elena!

This story follows Maddie when her not so interesting love life does a complete 180 thanks to her dog, Bogie, taking the lead by pushing Maddie towards their super-hot neighbor Chase. During the second outing of one morning, Maddie and Bogie took a break while Bogie had to do his business and here comes Chase on his morning run. Surprisingly after an embarrassing conversation, Chase offers to take Bogie out on some of his morning runs.

It seems like every time that Chase and Maddie hang out something odd is brought into the equation making Maddie want to go and hide, yet somehow through it, the two develop this unique relationship of wanting to get close and somehow still holding out.

If that’s not stressful enough, Bogie has made a new friend with a frog that he lets in the house every night and watches intently not letting Maddie close enough to be put outside. Then, there’s the encounter at her best friend’s bachelorette party involving some of Chase’s firefighter brothers mistaken as strippers at the party.

I highly recommend Fairly Misspelled if you’re looking for a quick fun book! There were plenty of cringe worthy moments thanks to Bogie who loves to stick his nose where the sun doesn’t shine and bringing out items that caused Maddie to blush. Can Maddie and Chase spark a lasting relationship, or will the kindling be put out like a fire?

Happy reading until next time,

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