His Best Friend’s Little Sister by Vivian Wood Review | Blogmas Day 6

His Best Friend's Little Sister (His and Hers Book 1) by [Vivian Wood, Samus Aran]

His Best Friends Little Sister by Vivian Wood


She’s my best friend’s little sister with a body made for sin.

I’m a big, burly ex-soldier that shouldn’t even give her a second glance.

She’s a decade younger than me and seductive without trying. I’m struggling through burnout and hiding out from the entire world. 

When we both hide out at the same cabin far away from everyone else, a mutual attraction blooms between us.

I know it’s wrong, but it’s impossible to stop touching her once I start. And worse, I don’t want to let her go…


2.5 Stars

If you like:

  • NA Romance
  • Steamy Romance 
  • Dating Brother’s Best Friend
  • Age Gap (13 years)

Then this is the book for you!

TW/CW: PTSD, ectopic pregnancy, and miscarriage 

I feel like I had read this book before or at least something very similar to it. 

I picked up this book hoping for a sweet story with some romance. Was it that? Mmm. Not to me, there was a lot more sex in it that I felt like I need to scrub my eyeballs with soap and water. 

This book switches POV from Ellie to Henry throughout the whole book which I feel like is one of the saving graces that helped me finish the book. If we could have condensed the amount of page time the couple had highlighting their cabin activities and used it either in the beginning or towards the last third of the book where it seems like the characters and plot had some depth, then I think the story would have been more memorable.

Both Ellie and Henry and even the plot had a good basic structure to become something that was more sticking with the reader but somewhere along the line it fell. Ellie is the sister of the youngest President of the US ever, at the top of her college class getting ready to graduate, and is about to go of to further her education. Ellie is looking for some time away after her now ex-boyfriend was having sex in public with someone else, and Henry is taking time off because his PTSD from his time in the service has taken a major toll on his life and he just need time away. And you know the plot of being snowed in a cabin alone with your brother’s best friend that you’ve had a crush on since however long finally sees you as something other than a younger sister or his best friend’s sister. 

I feel like the majority of the book can be separated into two categories with Ellie and Henry not knowing how to be around each other and them just needing to get a room. The beginning of the book opens up with Ellie at a party when she’s like 16 and drinks way more than she should. She ends up dancing with Henry who’s like 9 years older than her and pukes all over his shoes. Yeah, I know; way to make a memorable impression of the guy you like while trying to look like an adult.

When Henry was younger, he always saw Ellie as a younger sister and has that internal battle of wanting to be with her and not wanting to hurt her because she’s still young and getting her life started. I have mixed feelings about Henry because I’m not sure if he’s really ready for a committed relationship since it seems like he still has things he needs to work through, and I’m not talking about the PTSD.

Towards the end of the book, once the snow melts at the cabin is when the book took a weird shift. Because, after a fight, Ellie goes home and finds out that she’s pregnant with Henry’s child (and no, they forgot to use protect, but Ellie thought they would be fine because she had an IUD). Well, because of the IUD, she ends of having a miscarriage because one of the side effects of getting pregnant with an IUD is an ectopic pregnancy where the embryo doesn’t attached in the right place.

As much as I hate to say it, I feel like the miscarriage was just added in the book to get Henry and Ellie back together because Ellie was in her head trying to figure out if she wanted to try to get back with Henry while he felt like he wasn’t good enough. Then, once Henry learned that Ellie had to have emergency surgery because of the loss of the baby, BAM! They talk and get back together. Whether the author had intended for it to happen like that or not, I felt like the timing of them getting back together could have been written a little bit better because they end up travelling across the country for Ellie to further her education.

Happy reading until next time,

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