2020 Wrap-Up and 2021 Goals: Blogging, Bookstagramming, and Whatever Else

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! Did you feel the change in the biometric pressure once the clock hit midnight the other night? Well, I didn’t either, but I think most let out a collective sigh of release that we made it through 2020, but who knows what this upcoming year will hold.

In this post, I will be talking about 2020 in relation to my blog, bookstagram, and other places in my life along with my goals for those places!


In 2020, I posted 310 posts that ranged from reviews to book tags to cover reveals to unboxings to everything in between. 

Going into 2020 my goal was to get to at lease 15,640 views (which was the amount of views I had in 2019), and in July I want to say, I had reached that number! And, I almost doubled my 2019 yearly views by the end of the year!

Top 5 Posts of the Year were:

Top Book Reviews: 

Somewhere around September I became overwhelmed with school and probably had some depression because I didn’t feel like doing anything blogging or bookstagram related because it took away from studying even though I needed to take a few much needed breaks throughout the study period. There were probably some very noticeable changes in quality of the content I posted because I felt like I needed to post even though my heart wasn’t in it. I was burned out in a lot of aspects of my life and everything felt like a job I was completing to cross off a list that was a mile long. 

My goal for the upcoming year is to reach reach 1000 WordPress followers (I’m currently at 831), to try and be more inclusive in this wonderful community, and not put so much pressure on myself to make posts when I don’t feel like it. As far as I know, there isn’t really an algorithm like there is on Instagram, so there’s no need to post everyday.

I also want to spank my reviews to include more new adult titles as I’m finding myself drawn to things outside of YA.


I finished 2020 with about 1,920 followers and 133k likes on my photos which is absolutely crazy!

I don’t even know how many photos I posted last year, but I really am happy with the theme of my page and the quality of my photos right now! I had moved from m old room with two windows to another room with only one window on the opposite wall as my bed, so I had to figure out how to take photos with the change in lighting, fortunately the lights on my bookshelves helped, and I got a floor lamp for Christmas that provides enough light to get me back to pre-move photos!

Over 2020, I had the honor of continuing my influencer/rep position for JKB Designing over the course of the year (and you can use LAUREN10 to save). I was also honored as being an influencer for Beacon Book Box over the summer term which was mind boggling because I was a part of a team for a book subscription box (click here to see the unboxing page and here for recent ones)! Then over the last couple of days, I became a rep for Book Nook Sleeves on IG where you can use LAUREN10 to save on your purchase on book sleeves and hoops!

Back around the end of August to September, there was a pretty good size drop in the engagement on my posts because of the change in terms and conditions with the app causing me to have to leave several of the bigger engagement groups I was in because I was constantly being put in Insta-Jail and the time was increasing each time. I had to slow my roll with those groups before my account was taken away. 

The photos are doing better in terms of engagement but still haven’t returned back to the point they were doing back over the summer. 

I also have small engagement account, if you’d like to join!

My goal for this year is to have photos saved in my draft for those days that I can’t put together photos or just don’t feel like it! I would like to continue to make REAL bookish friends, and stop over analyzing my stats because all it does is add unneeded stress that will raise my blood pressure.


  • Chickens:
    • This year, I hatched two set of chickens. I think May was when I hatched some of the eggs from my chickens. I had placed 7 eggs in the incubator and out of the 7, 5 of the eggs were fertile and hatched into 2 females and 3 males. One of the females was an Orpington/Brahma mix while the other was a Wyandotte/brahma then there were two Orpington/brahma mix and one pure male brahma. All of those chickens are doing well! All of the males from that group are now crowing and I believe both of the hens are laying eggs.
    • Then in August, my preorder of eggs came from a hatchery out of Ohio. I had ordered 6 buff brahma eggs and 3 Easter egger eggs. It took exactly one week for the eggs to get to me, and I was afraid that the eggs wouldn’t be viable because they have about a 7 day window to incubate with it being best to incubate them within the first couple of days of laying. Of out the 9 eggs, 5 eggs were fertilized although one of the babies didn’t make it past the first couple weeks in the incubator, so I had to pull it. Then, I had 2 brahma hens, 1 brahma rooster, and one Easter egger rooster. One of the brahma hens had passed away a couple of days ago, and it broke my heart because she was the sweetest little chicken despite her having leg issues causing her not to be able to walk properly.
      • This upcoming year, I want to make more time to spend with my chicken because over half of my flock is going to be turning 2 this year. I have a good relationship with most of the chickens, and I can pick them up and hold them, but I want to continue to gain their love.
  • Reading:
    • This year, I’m going to set my reading goal to 50 again as that seems to be a good number with a little over a book per week. 
    • I also want to make more time for me to read the books that I’ve bought and got in book boxes because I’d bet that the majority of the books I read in 2020 were those that I ha received to review, and it’s just to stressful to promised to read a book and review it while taking a complicated class.
  • TikTok/IG Reels: 
    • So this is something that I had started in the last week of 2020. I had started a booktok account (@lalasbookreviews), and find it to be an interesting challenge with making short videos. I also decided to post my tiktoks as reels on IG to see if that would help my engagement on the app.
      • So far I haven’t seen any change.
  • Self Care:
    • I want to try and manage my time better because I either throw myself into something or I procrastinate with the deadlines I set for myself.
    • I also want to eat better because whenever I get into doing something, I don’t take breaks to eat or whenever I have a long day in class, I’d rather spend my lunch break prepping for the upcoming class instead of eating, so I definitely need to do better. 
    • I also need to learn how to manage my stress and anxiety better. Consciously, I feel like I do better with letting things go than I did in high school but at the same time I am unconsciously a mess because I break out in stress bumps during busy times and start to hiccup.

What are some of your goals for the new year? Let me know below!

Happy reading until next time,

8 thoughts on “2020 Wrap-Up and 2021 Goals: Blogging, Bookstagramming, and Whatever Else

  1. Wow, you did amazing with your WP views! I’m so proud of you. I totally understand the depression thing though. I hope you won’t be putting too much pressure on yourself this year indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

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