Wynter by Mia Harlan eARC Review


When a pair of magical skates helps me find my fated mates, the last thing I expect is to get rejected, betrayed, and framed for a crime I didn’t commit.

I moved to Silver Springs to escape my past. Fell in love with the small supernatural town. Made friends with its quirky residents. Even got my dream job.

But just when life’s finally looking up, disaster strikes. The cleaning company I work for falls under threat, and I’m framed for a crime I didn’t commit.

Then, I find my fated mates:

  • A shifter hockey player who knows how to handle his stick.
  • A sweet journalist who shifts into a block of ice but is oh so hot.
  • And a mage detective who already broke my heart once.

This should be the happiest time in my life, but my mates reject me, one by one.

As the new life I built starts to crumble around me, can I work things out with my mates and catch whoever framed me? Or will I end up broken-hearted, alone, and behind bars? Because I may be the best magical maid in town, but my life is one mess no spells in the world can fix.


4.5 Stars 

Can I just say how great it is to be back in Silver Springs? After wrapping up the first series with close to 15 books following a mix of supernatural and human MCs in this town where nothing is what it seems!

This book follows Zoe who’s a strong willed, independent woman who’s able to control inanimate objects. She’s employed at a cleaning service in the town that is doing well until there has started to break ins and robbing with the stores that are cleaned by the service Zoe is one of the prime suspects except that the owner of the business knows it isn’t her and can’t catch the person in the act.

Enter an investigator hired by Julian, one of the owners of the cleaner company, who happens to have had a very rocky past with Zoe after he left her.

Then Zoe meets Leith on the ice who a professional supernatural hockey player (which is a really cool game), and they hit it off until Leith turns into a bird and flies away before the night ends.

And then, there’s the really sweet Xavi who has always wanted to talk to Zoe and ask her on a date, but his anxiety gets the best of him and he turns in a 7 ft. block of ice.

Out of all of the books I’ve read collectively that have taken place in this town, Zoe may be one of my favorite books. All of the female MCs have been strong up to this point, but there’s something about Zoe that makes her seem more special to me with her dealing with her past life coming back to her when her life has just been flipped and feeling like she isn’t special enough to have one mate much less three.

Then there’s that guys and each of of their struggles in the relationship with Zoe that had me dying to see what would happen and if they would be able to even try to build a relationship after many rocky starts.

In the first book of this new series of characters in Silver Spring, Zoe and the guys have to over come many thing to work on not only their individual lives but what could be the beginnings of a relationship!

Happy reading until next time,

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