Neve by Helen Scott eARC Review


Neve (Silver Skates Book 3) by [Helen Scott, Silver Springs Library]

Ice skates and multiple mates Neve has found herself smack dab in the middle of a spell gone wrong!

When I’m dropped off in a little podunk town called Silver Springs under orders from my jerk of a father to turn their human newspaper from a money pit into a profitable business I want to scream. I’m supposed to be on the yacht in San Tropez, not in snowy, middle-of-nowhere New York.

After meeting the sexy journalist that works there though I start to change my mind. Add in a demon stripper, a reindeer shifter, and a selkie, and I’m sure that soon they’ll have me screaming for a whole different reason.

Can the men of Silver Springs thaw my icy heart and give me a reason to stick around? Or will I end up back on the yacht all alone?


4.5 Stars

Neve is book three of the Sliver Skates collection that takes place in none other Silver Springs which is everyone favorite place by now where they know it or not because you can never predict what is going to happen!

Neve is the female MC who lands herself in the small town after living it big in big cities living a pretty lavish life because of her father and his successful business where she has worked at in several areas and hasn’t found the right place. As a result her father gets fed up with her not succeeding in a jog and sends her to Silver Springs to fix the failing newspaper business.

Once Neve arrives in the town, she has to make adjustments to just being in a small town where everyone knows each other business. She decides to go and see the office on the night that she arrives and meets one of the journalist who works there. Seren doesn’t want to accept his feeling for Neve as the night progresses when they go to the ice rink and leaves when the beginning of the mating bond appears because he’s afraid that she’ll leave as quick as she came once the newspaper picks up.

Then Neve meets the rest of her guys over the course of a couple of days, and their reactions varies as well because even though having multiple mates isn’t uncommon who exactly envisions it for themselves? Plus, Neve is a witch (who doesn’t have the best control over her magic but a witch none the less) who apparently isn’t supposed to have a mate because of her species.

I love Neve (the character) because she’s such a go getter. She has high hopes for turning this paper around and comes up with great ideas to try to incorporate a lot of the people from the town to help businesses and to just help bring the town together. She also has a big heart for these guys even when everyone is trying to understand this new relationship.

I love this book because the mating bond wasn’t accepted right away like in some stories, and those who did accept that Neve was his mate wanted to do it right and take her on dates and get to know her. This book shows the dynamics of a complicated relationship with all of its highs and lows.

Happy reading until next time,

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