Bookstagram Tips + Ways to Increase Pinterest Traffic + Basics to Booktok

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to talk about some of the things that I’ve kind of picked up on with Instagram’s newest change with it’s algorithm and ways to increase overall Pinterest traffic on that website itself and in turn help with blog traffic!

Let’s start with Pinterest first since that one is a lot easier to try to explain and talk through!

Pinterest Tips:

I’ve had a Pinterest account years before I had my blog, twitter, etc, but all I did was repin things. It wasn’t a social media that I posted on until a couple of years ago. And honestly, I still don’t really understand that algorithm because it’s not one of my main platforms. One of the reasons that I’m trying to post on Pinterest is because it can help drive traffic to my blog, plus I’ve been getting a good bit of repins making me a more marketable book influencer by me saying that I cross post on all of these social media outlets and have these stats (followers, monthly views, repins, etc.)

So, I have my wordpress blog linked to Pinterest account with the RSS feed thing (whatever that is) but for some reason it always fails, so my posts don’t automatically get added to there.

Sometime last year, I started to take my photos that I posted on Instagram and link it to the blog post that I had that day and put the hashtags that I used on the IG post and that got me anywhere from 10k up to 100k monthly views depending on how many people saw it and pinned it to there boards. That in and of it self was a time consuming process and didn’t really help my blog in any way, so I kind of stopped with that.

It was probably around the the summer or fall of last year when I started to share my blog posts on pinterest by pinning the photos within the post to the website, and let me tell you that, I’ve seen a big difference in my stats on Pinterest (traffic from pinterest to my blog varies depending on the photo but every little bit helps).

The first time I really saw how much this could help my blog was when I shared my blog post from the Daughters of Darkness cover reveal to pinterest and within like 3 hours it was repinned to other people’s boards well over a hundred times, and I got 162 views on that post in the same amount of time from people clicking on the photo from pinterest.

The way that I found to maximize views/repins on pinterest for me is to click the pinterest share button for that particular blog post you want to share directly on your website. I’ve also tried coping the blog link and pasting it into the “pin from website” option when you go to create a pin, but I found that some images don’t show up and they can get a bit grainy at times which doesn’t help when you’re trying to build your pinterest account.

  1. I click the pinterest button (as seen in the top left photo), it takes me pinterest (bottom left). **remember that for me as a wordpress blogger, I get to see all of the photos from that blog post with higher quality going this route and not trying to pin photos by copying and pasting the link to pinterest to search for my blog photos**
  2. Once I get to pinterest I click on the rectangle with the dark plus sign to select the photos from that particular blog post that you can add.
  3. I typically click the X on the featured image for the blog post since I reuse them and don’t want a gazillion of the same image on my Pinterest board.
  4. Hit post! The title of the pin will be the one that you have for you blog post and will have a short description (the first 180 characters of you blog post I believe)


  • Organize your Pinterest boards and only pin things that relate to that particular board
  • You can creat sub boards; like for my unboxing board, I have sub-boards for each book box company I’m subscribed to.
  • Play around with posting at different times of the day. I know nothing about Pinterest’s algorithm, but some posts seem to do better overall despite when I post them.
  • Add book covers to your posts (when appropriate) and pin them. I’ve found that some people like to just repin book covers to boards.
    • I personally had a board of book cover images that I wanted to buy/read.
  • I’ve also noticed that my unboxing photos (both book boxes and just hauls in general) do exceptionally well for my account

Basics to Creating a Tiktok:

My original intention for this blog post wasn’t to talk about creating tiktoks but it kind of goes with how to try to improve your Instagram stats, so I felt like I need to mention it and give the most basics of crash courses.

Ok, so I find filming on Tiktok better than filming bookish videos than on Instagram reels (which was basically IG’s equivalent of tiktoks).

Let’s go through some of the things with each of the photos above, and then I add some extra stuff at the end of this TikTok section if I think of anything else.

Left Photo:

  • At the very, very top, is the bar that let’s you know who long you have left available for filming in that particular video. The time used out of the 15 or 60 secs will be red.
    • The options for filming is 15 and 60 seconds. You don’t have to film that long, but with the 15 sec. option you cannot film past the 15 secs, so it’s best that if you feel like the video is going to be longer just go a head and switch it to 60 secs just to be safe.
    • Because I don’t think you can switch video lengths without starting over.
  • Right underneath that bar is where you can find sounds such as songs and voice overs.
    • I recommend that if you’re scrolling through tiktok and you hear a song that you could use in the future or a voice over with a booktok tag or whatever to go ahead and save the audio because it’s a lot easier scrolling through your saved audio than trying to search for it because it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.
  • Now on the right side bar you have: flip, speed, beauty, filters, timer, and flash (if you have it on your device)
    • Flip flips between your front and back camera if you need to do that (I film with my back camera)
    • Speed allows you to film things in different speeds (0.3, 0.5, 1, 2, and 3) depending if you want something in slow-mo or fast
    • Beauty mood just touches things up and enhances whatever is being filmed (I don’t use this feature)
    • Timer can give you either a 3 or 10 sec count down and will stop recording depending on where you set it to the audio! This is helpful for those videos where you want to change books at a particular time like in these videos I filmed.
      • This can get a bit tedious depending on how long the audio is and if you decide that you want to refilm a part you have to go back and manually reset where you want it to stop filming.
    • Then there’s flash (again depending on your device)
  • Towards the bottom you have effects, the record button (which you don’t have to hold the whole time you’re filming), and upload.
    • Upload is a cool feature where you can upload video clips and images (and yes you can have a mix of them) but the only thing is that you can’t film on the app and have an uploaded video/image in the same thing.
  • Then at the very bottom you have you video length option of 15 or 60 seconds and different templates

Top Right Photo:

This is how you’re able to do the green-screen effect that allows the “full-screen” look compared to if you do a video of only photos that are only in the center of the screen.

How to do it:

  • Select effects in the bottom left on the first photo
  • Scroll down to the option of the tv screen looking icon that is straight (not the tilted one that’s a different effect) with the arrow pointing down.
  • Then scroll through your photos that will be on the green screen.
  • And film like you would a regular video.
  • Example of this type of video compared to a video that was made of photos.

Bottom Right Photo:

So, adding text and having it show up at different parts of the video was an enigma to me for a while before I had to look up a video.

After you finish filming and before you go to the last page where you can add the caption/hashtags, you are brought to a page that is similar to the filming one except you can add text, stickers, voice overs, etc.

Once you add the text you can click on it where you see the options text to speech, duration, and edit.

Duration is the one to select to have it appear at certain times for longer than a second.

Editing allows you to edit the text, change the color, and add a text background.


Instagram Tips:

Since about November or December of last year when Instagram changed it’s algorithm again, basically all of my engagement has seen a decline despite being in a out 10 engagement groups that range from 70 members to about 250 members (plus there’s some other change to the European users that I, not entirely sure about).

Basically in a nutshell, Instagram wants you to use their app’s tools and things like that for, posting in stories (and asking question, polls, quizzes, etc), posing photos, reels, going live and posting on IGTV. From what I understand positing a mix of things and liking, commenting, sharing, and saving helps bring people to your account.

Depending on how much the algorithm likes me when I post, it can take anywhere from about 18 hours to a couple of days to read the number of likes where my photos generally starts to cap out at.

In this photo, the left side shows the stats from about a day or say after I post and the right shows about 12 hours after posted.

Since I’ve started posting my tiktok videos to my account, I’ve seen a very slight increase to my stats. Sometime I can gain 6 or 7 followers and my follower count will stay the same for about a day then drop 10 followers the next day.

I’ve played around with the time of when I post the reels (I live in EST time zone), and for I while I thought posting in the morning or around lunch time was better, so I did this a couple of times and the engagement/views varied.

I think the audio of the video plays a rather big part of the views because I posted an unboxing of my bookmarks and it got 7000+ views in an hour with the audio of the one by Taylor Swift in the video.

I found out that you can change video length on the Instagram reels from 15 secs to 30 secs by tapping on the timer looking icon on the left vertical sidebar.

Like I said earlier, I prefer filming my videos on tiktok not only because I’m able to expand my reach to those bookish people, but I feel like tiktok has more filming and editing options than Instagram. Once I post the video on tiktok I generally post it either the same day or next on IG with a caption and hashtags since to can’t tag accounts. You can @ people in the caption but can’t tag someone like you can in a photo.

I typically post photos about every day or every other day and reels about 4 to 5 times a week.

There was some post that was going around on Twitter were someone did an interview with someone from IG, and the amount of posting that needed to be done to have the best algorithm was absolutely crazy.

Well, I hope that this helps you in some way!

Happy reading until next time,

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