Resisting His Mate by Christa Wick Review


Braeden: For five agonizing years now, I’ve tried to push the lush, far-too-sweet woman out of my life, and my dreams. She’s a human, which makes her a danger to all the shifters in Night Falls. She’s also untouched, which makes her a danger to what little restraint I possess around her with each passing day. But seeing as how she’s my little sister’s best friend, avoiding her hasn’t been easy. And now that there’s a shooter targeting the pack, the only way I can keep Paisley safe is to keep her close. As if that weren’t impossible enough, the pack alpha goes and makes a decree. For her protection, Paisley needs to be mated to someone in the pack by the end of the month. Damn it all to hell.

Paisley: I’m pretty sure the man hates me. To Braeden, I’ve always been the human he wished his sister would stop being friends with–literally a different species from him, being that he and his sister are wolf-shifters and all. After years watching him blatantly keep his distance, no one is more shocked than I am over his reaction when the shooter that’s after the pack takes aim at me.


2.5 Stars

If you like:

  • Werewolf Books
  • Quick Stories
  • I Want But Can’t Have Romance
  • Best Friends Brother Romance

Then this is for you!

By the time I got to the end of the book, I just felt disappointed. Yes, it was a quick read that took me a handful of hours to read partly because I ended up just skimming over parts, and yes we have a HEA of sorts at the very end, but I felt the story was very short and not just because it’s only like 150 pages. I felt like there was a depth missing to this book that would have made it unique and unforgettable.

Look this book has major potential with the whole I want Paisley but she’s human, near death experience, and Braeden being the guy with the rock hard exterior who wants to take care of his sister and the girl he wants but can’t have.

Out of all of the mythical creatures in the paranormal world, I’m a sucker for werewolves! At least in this book there’s some shifting into the wolf form (because there have been some werewolf books with no wolf shifting). Plus there’s a lot of other animal shifters in this book which is another plus.

As far as the romance of the book between Paisley and Braeden, I felt like there were moments when things from one extreme to another. Paisley has basically been in love with Braeden since she was a young teenager, and they were actually pretty good friends for a couple of years until the wolfie moments occurs and he starts to develop feelings and does a complete 180. Then for the years following he’s completely cold and keeps his distance until, you guessed it, Paisley was shot at one evening at her grandmother’s house. Then there’s the whole internal battle of do I continue to be this rude person to her or try to make up years of being a jerk and go after her.

Then to spice things up a bit, the alpha of the club says that Paisley must be mated within a month or she’s a goner, and we can all imagine how Braeden’s dealing with seeing her go out with other guys.

Now on to the actual story, again there is major potential but I think had the story been like even 50 pages longer than there would have been so many opportunities to have things expanded on without things feeling rushed and going from one extreme to another on several occasions and just have relationships explored a little more without feeling I’m jumping from one major event to another.

And don’t even get me started with the ending it was like loading power in the middle of a TV show when everything is good again even though it’s about to hit the fan again. Because not only did Paisley get hurt and was magically able to heal because of alpha powers and a blood transfusion, but there are so many things with the relationship that just needed to be talked about not only between them but among the shifter community.

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