My Thoughts about ACOSF by SJM before It Comes Out

Hi everyone! So I thought I would talk about A Court of Silver Flames aka the book that basically the entire book community waiting impatiently to get back into the ACOTAR world after a couple of years of waiting since the publication of the novella A Court of Frost and Starlight that is supposed to bridge the original trilogy with the new books (which I believe is also going to be a new trilogy).

I’m not sure how well the blogging community knows it, but I love the ACOTAR series. From my recent posts on booktok:


Obsession #1

Obsession #2

It’s always WYD…

And some of my bookstagram photos, and I basically buy any merch regarding the series, it’s obvious I love the original trilogy.

I love the inner circle with Mor, Cassian, Azriel, and Amren, but wasn’t the biggest fan of Feyre’s sisters once they were more frequent names popping up in the series.

So if you remember THIS POST (that I posted literally about a year ago), I all but said I wasn’t really looking forward to this book because the main character weren’t Feyre and Rhysand.

And I held off on preordering this book for the longest until I got back onto booktok and seeing EVERYONE talk about the ACOTAR series and ACOSF theories and all that jazz, and as we know my FOMO just had to come out. People were talking about some of the quotes and snippets that SJM was sharing on her account, and I was all but forced to read them since they were on my FYP all the time, and there was talk about how she had to edit out a certain spicy scene that contained three characters that everyone was theorizing over that… ugh the FOMO hit way to hard.

I really wasn’t going to get the book, but I was on Barnes and Noble to preorder Covet by Tracy Wolff and was like $20 away from free shipping, and in my mind, I’d would rather spend the $20 for another book then spend the whatever it was to get one book and have to pay for shipping thus leading to me preordering ACOSF. Which I also ran into a small road block because B&N had the regular edition, the one with the exclusive content, and the signed one. Well the first two options were like $18.99 while the signed edition was $28, so naturally I went with the one with the bonus content because I could care less if the book is signed (or stamped IDK at this point).

And let me tell you, I’m glad I got the B&N exclusive edition one and not the Books A Million one because the B&N edition has the scene with Feyre and Rhys while the BAM has and Azriel scene. Don’t get me wrong, I like Azriel but when it comes down to it, I’d rather have Feyre and Rhys.

I don’t know how to feel with this book revolving around Nesta because in my opinion, she wasn’t hitting on to much in the original trilogy. Don’t get me wrong, I think Cassian deserves the world (maybe not as much of it like Rhys but Rhys can do no wrong in my eyes), but can I really endure almost 750 pages of Nesta? I’m afraid that I’ll just be flipping through the pages looking for spicy scenes, the names Feyre and Rhys, and just end up reading the excessive part.

I haven’t had the best track record of liking book that reenter book series either. I mean had I started TMI any earlier than I did, I’m not sure how far along I would have gotten. Then we have the Mara Dyer series that continued years later from Noah’s POV and I forced myself to finish his first book and bought Noah’s second book without even opening it to attempt to read it. And then, we have books 4 and 5 of The Selection series that I could have honestly lived without.

So, in a nut shell, I bought this book because of the prepublished hype (both good and bad). Then, my copy of ACOSF isn’t even going to match my copies of the ACOTAR series *deep sigh*.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming release of ACOSF? Let me know below!

Happy reading until next time,

6 thoughts on “My Thoughts about ACOSF by SJM before It Comes Out

  1. I am really not excited about Nesta, but I do miss the Inner Circle so I guess I will end up reading ACOSF at one point of the year or maybe I’ll wait for the whole trilogy to be published, who knows lol

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  3. I am about 300 pages into this now and so far I am enjoying it. Unpopular opinion maybe but I actually do enjoy Nesta as she is so complex and hardened as a character and I like that she is the way she is and that we are only very slowly seeing her lower her walls. Not that much has happened yet but I generally expected that as these books have a tendency to go crazy about the 50-75% mark so I am just waiting for the world to burn haha!

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