Eirwen by Jewels Arthur eARC Review


Eirwen (Silver Skates Book 6) by [Jewels  Arthur, Silver Springs Library]

Princesses are meant to be chaste and Queens are meant to provide heirs.

Thanks, but no thanks.

I want lose my virtue. Have my cherry popped. Get bedded. Bump uglies. Whatever it is you humans call it.

So I flee with my unicorn to Silver Springs, a magical town where nothing is as it seems.

There, a dark elf shows up to kill me. An incubus wants to devour me. A snake shifter wants to wrap me in his coils. And a wood elf from my childhood won’t leave me alone.

Four men fall into my life almost as if by magic. Will I fall for them or will I be forced back to the land I fled?


4 Stars

This is book 6 in the new Silver Springs series following Eirwen who’s a winter elf to marry an guy who she has no interest in but has to do it for the kingdom. On her wedding day, things goes astray causing Eirwen to teleport to our realm in none other than the small town of Silver Springs to start her new life.

Eirwen is looking for the type of fun that would be frowned upon as a princess and finds herself in a strip club with her eyes set on a blue skinned incubus who’s willing to give her the fun that she wants to embark on until right as things are starting to get hot, Eirwen accidentally spray ice shards everywhere bringing the night to a quick end except Bryn can’t get off of his mind.

The next day, Eirwen and Bryn meet up with Randal to get her a place to live when things get even more interesting and Eirwen finds herself falling for another guy.

As Eirwen continues to spends time together with her new boyfriends, she starts to see a life for herself in this town until one night when her past comes up to her front door.

Read to find out if Eirwen gets the HEA that she yearns for or if she it put back into the mold that the elvish kingdom had her in!

Happy reading until next time,

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