Beacon Book Box March 2021 Unboxing: Magical Retellings

Hi everyone! I’m super excited to share the March Beacon Book Box!

It has been a long day of trying to get some school assignments done, and I had to go do a teaching project this afternoon that was very awkward, but I came home to this box!

I wasn’t expecting my BBB to arrive until Friday so this is the perfect midweek treat!

The theme is Magical Retellings!

Top Left: These Violent Delights inspired Drawstring Canvas Bag designed by Vanediaz Art that says “The stars incline us. They do not bind us.”

Bottom Left: Spoiler Card

Top Right: Mug 1 of 4 from the Stalking Jack the Ripper series designed by Dominique Wesson

Bottom Right: The Court of Miracles inspires Notepad designed by My Little Bookworld that says “It ends where is begins.”

BOTM: Sing Me Forgotten by Jessica S. Olson signed with an author letter

Top Right: Bonus Book of Called Upon by Bethany Lee

Bottom Left: Rise of the Kingdom Promotional Card

Bottom Right: Khalid and Shahrzad Print designed by Em Art Semi and Frame designed by Riddle and Ravens that says “I love you a thousand times over and I will never apologize for it.”

Full unboxing!

Happy reading until next time,

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