Iclyn by Melissa Adams eARC Review


Iclyn (Silver Skates Book 13) by [Melissa  Adams , Silver Springs  Library ]

Blacklisted in all of Hollywood, I need a job and a place to stay.

Maybe my luck is about to change as I get hired as the official photographer for the Silver Springs On Ice beauty pageant.
I only have to re-learn how to ice skate but it’s like riding a bike, right?

Life couldn’t be harder when I’m staying in a haunted B&B and I have the hots for my boss but I’m on his sleazy bodyguard’s shit list. I’m Iclyn and I’m royally screwed.


4 Stars

I can’t believe that this series of books taking place in Silver Springs is almost over! Iclyn is book 13 of 15 in the Silver Skates Series that takes place in the small town of Silver Springs where supernatural lives with a some humans in a relatively peaceful town where you never know when you’ll find the love (or in their case loves) of their life!

Iclyn is a fun and emotional book following our MC Iclyn after she is dumped by her Hollywood boyfriend in LA. And as she finds herself boarding the airplane in the LAX area she meets these two extremely hot guys in an embarrassing situation and to make things worse they are seated on the place a row above her and to make things even worse they’re also headed to Silver Springs and the cherry on top of all of that, they end up staying in the same B&B owned by one of the guy’s aunt.

Erik is own his way to the small town with his bodyguard/best friend Dirk to find Erik a wife to make his Queen in order for Erik to take the throne after his brother Cedrick is involved in a freak accident leaving him in a coma of sorts.

Erik is the playboy of the family and is less than thrilled of becoming the king, but he’s willing to try for his country, and he’s just looking for someone who’s willing to put up with him.

Things aren’t exactly a walk in the park when he first meets Iclyn and seems rather rocky, or should I say icy. But, things start to thaw, and they fall hard. If that’s not taxing enough Iclyn also has developed feelings for Dirk, and the outer body form of Cedrick who is finally able to communicate with them in the oddest way.

Will these guys be able to convince Iclyn to become their country’s queen or will their relationship melt before it fully forms?

This book is a fun and whimsical book that takes place in both Silver Springs, New York, but also in Cocovian which is somewhere in Europe if I’m not mistaken where the guys are from. Up to this point, the other realms and areas are talked about and seen in scene but must couples end up residing in the town, so it’s been an interesting journey following these characters who aren’t looking to stay in the town!

Happy reading until next time,

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