Aurora by M.J. Marstens eARC Mini Review


Witches, curses, fated mates, and ice skating—just some of the things I don’t believe in.

What do I believe?

That Silver Springs is a cult—and I’m going to find out who’s serving the Kool-Aid.

What I don’t expect to find is love.


4 Stars

In the next to the last book in this Silver Skates series taking place in the small magical town of Silver Springs where supernatural can be themselves in a safe place with few humans around.

Aurora is a therapist from down South who finds herself with really no place to go on Christmas when her apartment is found to have asbestos and must be fixed then her office building is on fire leaving her no choice but to take a two week mini vacation to the cold town of Silver Springs where it was a less than stellar trip that left a bad taste in her mouth when she was filling in for SS’s local therapist.

In the following months, she’s back in her normal town when one morning one of her old teachers shows her a visit at her office with the chance to help him with some research for a thesis and to get her name published on it as well. It all seems to good to be true until she finds out that she would have to go back to the town up north that has left her feeling crazy. After, some consideration Aurora decides that she’s going to go back to the town to try and figure out what’s going on.

After Aurora arrives back to Silver Springs, things get weird really quick when she sees that there is missing information from the town’s therapist files, there’s a lot of couples with multiple partners, and there are moments she can’t remember anything after conversations (because she’s a human).

In the mix of all of that she goes to this odd convenience store to buy some stuff and happens to go to the library where they turn into different shifters who claims that she is their mate.

This is one of the more deeper story than some of the other books in this series and contains a more diverse group of people within the harem!

Happy reading until next time,

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