Wolf Kissed by Heather Renee Review


Fighting fate isn’t for the weak.

I am many things, but a supernatural being is not one of them. At least until a crescent mark appears on my wrist and everything changes. I’ve been marked by a wolf goddess, yet no one knows what that means, myself included.

On top of that, I find out my best friend is a werewolf and her pack alpha is my supposed mate. Just like that my future is decided—unless I find a way out.

When fate sends a human mate my way, I’m certain it has to be a mistake. An alpha is supposed to have an equal at his side. Cait might be strong in her own ways, but what she is makes her an easy target in my world.

Regardless, Cait is mine to protect and I have every intention of showing her this is where she belongs—in my pack, by my side.

This is a dual POV wolf shifter series. It features a strong willed, not-so-human leading lady and a fierce yet loyal alpha who is determined to win her heart—no matter how many times she might reject him. If you love books by Leia Stone, Heather Hildenbrand, and Patricia Briggs, then be ready to devour this new series!

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4.5 Stars

It feels like months (and it probably has been) since I’ve read a good werewolf book in general.

Now I’m kind of picky when it comes to werewolf books because I have certain expectations of what I like to see in the book since you know they are werewolves (and yes there has been books without them shifting), but Wolf Kissed had it all from the shifting (yay!) to the mate drama and the tension between the pack.

Before I get to detailed in the story, I’d like to say that there is a MAJOR cliffhanger.

Cait is a human who has been traveling the world after he mother died a while back. She was in Australia working as a nanny and was a couple months into her job when she meets this guy on the beach that bossy and demanding to know who she is. and the odd thing is that she now has a mark on her wrist that burns as if she was stung.

After contacting her friend, she’s on plane back to Texas to find out that there’s more to the world than humans. She finds out that not only her best friend of many years is a werewolf, but her alpha is the guy she met back in Australia that happens to be her mate, and she now carries the Luna Mark on her that no one seems to no much about other than the moon goddess picks a strong person to bear it.

Cait seems to take everything in stride considering that she finds out that werewolves and other paranormal characters exist, but she doesn’t know how to handle her newly discovered powers and it’s the sure what to do with these feelings towards Roman to since she isn’t 100% about this fated mates thing.

All I can say is that Roman had me swooning and then he said “darlin” and boy was I a goner. At first he struggled with the mating thing because Cait isn’t a wolf but was quick to jump on the band wagon because she felt like her choice in the say was taken away which is understandable given that up until recently she was raised to be an independent human.

This is a fast paced book leaving Cait having to decide if the paranormal world is for her or if she should find a way to cut all ties and try to go back to life as before, but now she has people that cared for her and want to try to help her after she’s been on her own for so long. Will she give this new life a try with Rowan or will she run?

Happy reading until next time,

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