An Enchantment of Thorns by Elm Vince and Helena Rookwood eARC Review


A fae beast. A wild beauty. A curse that could doom them both.

As town greenwitch, Aster’s dedicated her life to defending her people from the nightmarish fae of the forest. Yet despite her best efforts, each year a girl is taken as a tithe by the Beast who rules the Folkwood. None ever return.

And this year, the Beast claims Aster.

Trapped in a cursed palace, taunted by mischievous, invisible servants, Aster despairs of ever making it home. Then the Beast offers her a bargain—if she can restore his rose garden and break the curse on his court, he will set her free.

But healing the enchanted garden requires more than just growing flowers. It forces Aster to open her heart and face the shadows of her past to discover a power of her own…

In doing so, she sees a softer side to the Beast’s savage beauty and dark magic. As feelings blossom between the two of them, Aster faces an impossible choice: her people or her heart.


5 Stars

If you like:

  • Beauty and the Beast Retellings
  • Fae
  • Slow Burn Romance

Then this is the book for you!

So I’m lowkey in love with this book because I got some major ACOTAR vibes that I felt like followed the Beauty and the Beast storyline a little more closely, yet having its own fresh spin making it a unique retelling that will have you reading all day.

From the beginning I loved Aster because she was always so determined as the town’s green witch to help protect the town with plants and healing people with the things the earth provides even when it be an inconvenience to her personal life, and as the days come closer to this years tithe when a girl is selected by the Beast to be taken back to the Fae world, she is willing to do anything to save her half sister, Ava, from being taken since Ava thinks that the whole experience would be one of a life time.

After Aster gets the attention of the Beast, Thorne, during the ceremony type thing that is held, she is taken back to his manor where she learns that she must use her skills as a green witch to grow roses that past girls have been unable to do, but she’s willing to spend every second possible tending to a chaotic garden that is overgrown in the on,y chance to return back to her town.

While she’s there, she meets Faolan who is a sky Fae who is able to control the weather and is a lot more hospitable than Thorne and is willing to attempt to answer Aster’s questions with riddles and half questions of his own.

But while Faolan has left the estate and gone back to his regular life, Aster is somewhat forced to get to know Thorne during their lessons when Thorne puts together that the piece that Aster has the ability to enchant plants leaving Aster having to look through emotions that she has buried for years. And, just when things are looking like they could possibly work out between Thorne and Aster and the rose garden looking like it might produce, Aster’s sister Ava gets a Fae sicknesses along with all of the other girls in the Tithe.

Will she be able to save the girls from her town or will she be the one to break the curse on Thorne?

If you show me a book that has a title of An Enchantment of (whatever), chances are I’m probably going to pick it up to read.

From the beginning Aster’s determined personality was shining bright which is a great thing but you know could be problematic when it comes to taking care of herself especially if she’s trying to help others. Although Aster is the town’s green witch and has to work with plants day in and day out, you can tell that she loves nature and cares for plants by the way that she describes the things that she works with throughout the story and sees the world. She’s headstrong and isn’t afraid to stand up to the Faes that she encounters and learns to give them a chance despite the stories that she has heard during her life.

Thorne *heart eyes*. He’s very much the sarcastic, broody guy that has accepted his fate after almost a decade of being curse, so of course he begrudgingly enjoys Aster when he realizes her potential of breaking the curse and plants a seed of hope that changes the game. I was very scared that Thorne might have been a Tamlin but he definitely seems more like a Rhys!

Throughout the story I was looking forward to Aster and Thorne’s bantering and tension as they learn how to manage this push and pull between them!

Happy reading until next time,

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