One She Never Expected by K. Leah Review


One She Never Expected (Finding Home Book 3) by [K. Leah]

Will Piper see the perfect guy when he’s standing right in front of her?

Piper is discouraged when she realizes the career she’s always wanted isn’t quite what she dreamed. She’s at a crossroads, and her future rests on what she decides to do next. There’s no room for distractions.

Nolan came home to work for his dad after his big city career took a nosedive. Now, he’s realized small town life isn’t so bad. When a quirky blonde catches his eye, he’s surprised to find the girl he once knew is all grown up. Too bad he’s the last thing on her mind.

Piper can’t see what’s right in front of her. Nolan doesn’t know how to capture her attention. Can he bridge the gap before they miss their chance?

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5 Stars

If you like:

  • Small Town Romance
  • Slight Age Gap of 8 Years
  • Slow Burn Relationships

Then this is for you!

One She Never Expected is the third book in the Finding Home Companion Series where all of the books follow a different couple but are intertwined in some way. This book can be read alone or in the order of publication since there aren’t any major spoilers to prior books.

Piper and Nolan’s book may be the sweetest one out of the entire series so far because they were just so cute together and had such an organic relationship that they let develop over time without forcing things to happen when it could or couldn’t.

Piper is the youngest sister out of her family with one of her older sister’s being Cait from from When I Found You. Piper is in college with the intention of pursing a degree in Nursing expect her heart isn’t in it and when she finds out that she didn’t get accepted in the upcoming class, she has a moment of panic of not only having to tell her family that she didn’t get in, but also that she wants to find a degree in college that makes her excided. Luckily Piper has an understanding family that supports her 100% and wants her to find something that she loves and will be able to support herself.

Shortly after, Piper finds herself with a new job at the town’s up and coming boutique where Elle all but hires her on the spot with being swamped with phone and online orders. As Piper spends time working at the boutique helping Elle with the front and helping her get things straight and more organized, she realizes that she may have found her new major!

Nolan is super sweet. With some of the heavier romance books out there, you can sometimes forget how swooning it is to have a guy that is a real gentleman that will open your car door and walk you to your front door at the end of the night. After spending some time in Jacksonville as a rather successful stock broker, he is let off when the newish company goes until, leaving him to return back home to his small town, working at his father’s car shop fixing up cars and other things with motors.

It’s as if an unasked for pray was answered when Nolan goes to Piper’s family farm to see if he can fix her father’s tractor when he sees Piper for the first time in years. Nolan is pretty much stunned when he first sees Piper, and the next couple of encounters aren’t much better when Piper literally runs into him walking out of a door.

Piper doesn’t give Nolan the time of day in the beginning until Nolan experiences a pretty severe allergic reaction that causes her to open her eyes and see what’s right in front of her.

As the story continues, they find out that these feelings are real are working on communicating them as they grow, but will this unexpectedly beautiful relationship be able to survive the future when there is so much up in the air?

One She Never Expected is a sweet and fun fast paced book that will cause you to laugh and swoon (possibly at the same time) and will likely cure any reading slump with its adorable relationship that Piper and Nolan has growing!

Happy reading until next time,

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