FairyLoot and The Bookish Box April 2021 Unboxing

Hi everyone! Yesterday, I had a bunch of book mail consisting of book boxes!

My April FairyLoot and Bookish Box came; I was surprised to get both boxes yesterday because one my Bookish Boxes normally don’t get to me within three days of getting the shipping email from them and the US/Canada FairyLoot warehouse was having some problems with the months boxes causing a delay because a lot of the people in the US/Canada had gotten the shipping email at the end of April and they didn’t start shipping until sometime this week.

FairyLoot Unboxing

Watch the unboxing on tiktok

Theme: Hidden Identities

Top Left: From Blood and Ash inspired Tote Bag designed by Arz 28

Top Middle and Right and Bottom Right: Blood Heir, An Ember in the Ashes, and The Poppy War inspired Foiled Bookmarks designed by Talia Nobel

Bottom Middle: Daevabad Trilogy inspired Enamel Pin designed by Icey Desgins

Bottom Middle: Spoiler Card

Bottom Right: The Flame in the Mist inspired Soap made by Little Heart Gifts

Top Left and Bottom Right: Serpent and Dove inspired Tarot Cards designed by Morgana 0 Anagrom

Top Right: Character Art

Bottom Left: The Lord of the Rings inspired Bookends designed by Jez Hawk

BOTM: The Prison Healer by Lynette Noni signed by the author with an author letter (designed by Talia Nobel), reversible dust jacket (designed by Alice Maria Power), foiled front (designed by Talia Nobel), and sprayed/stenciled edges.

Full unboxing

The Bookish Box Unboxing

Theme: Ascend the Throne

Top: From Blood and Ash Double Sided Book Sleeve designed by Mer Wild and Co

Middle Left: Throne of Glass inspired Pillowcase designed by Letter Piece that says “Libraries were full of ideas perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.”

Bottom Left: Crown Bangle

Right Middle: Lord of the Rings inspired Enamel Pin designed by Pins by Aris Amon that says “I choose a mortal life”

Bottom Right: An Ember in the Ashes inspired Candle

Top Left: AEITA Bookmark

BOTM: These Feathered Flames by Alexandra Overy signed with an exclusive cover, reversible dust jacket, endpapers, and exclusive artwork!

Full unboxing!

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Happy reading until next time,

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