Fae Crate March 2021 Unboxing: Revel the Chase

Hi everyone! Oh what a busy day it has been for me! I started my last semester of nursing school today, and there’s so many emotions from to process and go through but that’s for another day!

My March Fae Crate has arrived after some delays with stuff getting to the fulfillment center, but it was well worth the wait because the book is gorgeous!

Top Left: Legendborn Necklace

Bottom Right: Heart of Iron inspired Pillowcase designed by Blanca Design that says “The best stories were the ones with cracked spines and dog-eared edges”

Top Right and Middle Right: Wicked Saints inspired Spoiler Card and Tapestry designed by Gabriella Bujdoso

Middle Right: Gilded Wolves inspired Polaroid designed by Peridizzion

Bottom Right: House of Salt and Sorrows inspired Key Chain designed by Rolins

BOTM: Of Wicked Blood by Olivia Wildenstein and Katie Hayes with an embossed cover designed by Rachel Bostick and reversible dust jacket designed by Elton Hardt.

Full unboxing!

Happy reading until next time,

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