The Immortal Game by Talia Rothschild and A.C. Harvey Review + Quotes


An exiled goddess goes on a quest to clear her name and save Mount Olympus in Talia Rothschild & A C Harvey’s action-packed young adult debut, The Immortal Game!

Galene, daughter of Poseidon, desperately wants to earn her place among the gods. But when a violent attack leaves Mount Olympus in chaos and ruins, she is accused of the crime. Banished from Olympus, Galene sets out to prove her innocence and discovers a more deadly plot―one that threatens even the oldest of Immortals.

Fortunately, she has allies who willingly join her in exile:

A lifelong friend who commands the wind.
A defiant warrior with deadly skill.
A fire-wielder with a hero’s heart.
A mastermind who plays life like a game.

All-out war is knocking at the gates. Galene and her friends are the only ones who can tip the scales toward justice, but their choices could save Olympus from total annihilation, or be the doom of them all.


3.5 Stars

I just want to start off and say that this book has MAJOR potential. There was a lot of adventure in this book, but the characters themselves didn’t show consistent growth or changes despite the trials they went through.

When I first saw that this was a book with Greek mythology I wanted to read it because I haven’t read a good book with Greek mythology in a while, and as I was reading this book, I thought this was going to be the next book to get me back into this genre of books, but if you had started the book a quarter of the way through you would have never known it had the Greek gods and goddesses in it.

“… I have never felt more free, and isn’t freedom more important than eternal life.”

The children of the gods and goddesses would inherit powers based on their parents and their were mythological creatures, but in all honesty without the context of knowing that this was a book with Greek mythology ties, it could have been any other fantasy book with teenagers with special powers.

“Kostas – as logical as he was, he had a wild side. The God of Games wouldn’t be able to resist a quest.”

Galene is the daughter of Poseidon and because she’s one of the children of one of the Big Three, her trial for immortality is sooner than the other children because her father is so powerful. She has inherited powerful talents of her own that deals with water, but even her powers are strong enough to defeat the creature that has been created by the deck of fates.

Soon after her disastrous trial, she is framed for the trying to destroy Olympus and is exiled. As she’s about to leave her friend (and daughter of Zeus) Iyana volunteers to exile herself because she doesn’t want her friend to be alone. Then Iyana’s boyfriend Demitiri goes with them because he doesn’t want his girlfriend to be out there by herself.

“Fear like nothing she had ever experienced swallowed her whole. For the first time in her life, she could not breath.”

Despite being exiled and having to deal with the knowledge of knowing that she’ll never be able to be an immortal, her and her friends leave in search of Galene’s brother who has been exiled years before for treason and plotting against the Olympians.

On their way to find her brother, they run into trouble and are saved by Kostas and Braxtus and continue their journey. Once they get to Chrysander’s camp, they get the whole story of what he and Pointe are plotting and set off to get the avyssos to save the gods and Olympus even when they wouldn’t listen to her after the attack that she was framed for.

“Then we’ll win, together.” His eyes shone like a starlit midnight, and her heart fluttered. “Look how much we’ve already accomplished, how much you’ve already accomplished. Don’t forget that. We Won’t get anywhere if we let fear and doubt corrupt us.”

I felt that despite all of the adventure the pacing of the book felt odd at times, and there was very little romance considering that these characters were eighteen to mid twenties.

Then the resolution part of the book felt like it was all of ten or so pages and everything was magically fixed without the Olympians really changing at all. The end of the book felt rushed without any true closure that left me disappointed after everything that had happened prior. It was like everything was leading up to the big fight scene then everything after that was just thrown together and hastily tied loose strings together.

Happy reading until next time,

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