Claimed by Her Alpha by J.E. Cluney eARC Review


Claimed by her Alpha: A wolf shifter paranormal romance (Alpha Wolves Book 1) by [J.E.  Cluney]

“You are mine, kitten. Best you remember that.”

With the death of my father, I find the Alpha title thrust upon me before I’m ready. And now, with a rival Alpha sniffing around, I need to choose a mate. In order to find a suitable female, I call upon a treaty my father prepared for an alliance with other Packs. In doing so, the true mate call awakens within me.

Except the woman who has sparked this fire within is much too human.

But as soon as I saw her, my wolf wanted to claim her.
With my alpha title under threat, claiming my mate becomes top priority.

Which means revealing the truth about what lurks in the shadows of mankind to this innocent female.

Will she stay? Or will I become one of the pained rejected wolves?


3.75 Stars

If you like:

  • Werewolves
  • Romance
  • HEAs

Then this is the book for you!

I was very excited to read this book because I’m all for a romance werewolf book!

With this book, it’s one where there’s the human and the animal part coexisting in one body which isn’t something that I have problems with but I prefer the shifters that one mind that is inside of the body. I just feel like sometimes there can be a disconnect between the human side and the wolf side when there’s two separate minds coexisting in the same body like throughout this book regardless of whether Dray agreed with the what his wolf wanted or not, the wolf was always referred to as such and was never given a name despite the wolf part of him being such a huge part of his life, personality, and overall life.

Overall, this was a relatively quick read that was easy to follow with lots of romance. It had a great storyline about Everly being this independent woman without any family trying to make something of her life and Dray running out of time in finding a mate as he just took the role of alpha of his pack. But being just under 150 pages, I felt like so much happened over the span of maybe two days it was hard to see it as realistic.

Like I said earlier, Everly is an independent woman, but she literally just left an abusive and toxic long term relationship. She’s just trying to rebalance her life and stay away from her, so needless to say starting another relationship in the blink of an eye isn’t really something that’s on the top of her list, but Dray comes into the bar/restaurant that she works at, and she’s entranced. Not saying that she’s ready to tie the knot with him, but she is thinking that could bring her fun for a night. Even with his alphaness, she feels a pull towards him that she could possibly see turning into something more than a one night stand.

Dray knows from the moment that he pulled into the parking lot that night that his mate was near from the intoxicating scent that was calling to him and his wolf but little did he know that she was human with just enough shifter genes in her blood from her ancestors to allow her to be his mate. But since she grew up in the human world without any knowledge of shifters, he would have to take it slow and gain her love an trust the long way despite his wolf wanting to make her theirs when they first see her.

When Dray gets a phone call later that night about a pack looking to challenge him for Dray’s pack, things move faster than either expected, and the next thing they know, Everly is traveling back with Dray to his pack.

Sparks continue to fly, and Dray knows that he has to tell Everly about himself. He’s hoping that despite just knowing each other that she will be able to see a future for them and take him as a mate.

The biggest thing that I have with the book is the ending which I can’t really talk about without spoiling the book, but it has to do with Everly’s “inactive” shifter gene and ending the book without really addressing the possibly of Dray being challenged for his position by another pack.

There is another book in this series that follows another couple, so I’m intrigued to see if any of these loose ends will be addressed!

Happy reading until next time,

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