July 2021 Wrap-Up and Book Haul

Hi everyone!

If you made me tell you what happened in July, I wouldn’t be able to tell you much because July is such a blur. From the beginning of July until about the middle of the month, I was working at the hospital doing my preceptor rotation for my last nursing class. Then, I was studying for finals and having to attend an online prep course to take my licensing exam.

And, at the end of June, my rooster had passed away, and I was mourning the loss of him because he was one of the roosters someone could ask for. I had incubated some eggs that I had in the house and was watching those grow. I’m planning on making a post about this, but I ended up hatching 8 babies!


I feel like considering everything that was going on in July, I did pretty good with reading. However, none of these books really captivated me.

I’m planning on reviewing Learn My Lesson and The Cardinal Bird, but I really don’t think I had any 4 or 5 star books.


I came across this one video on booktok with some spicy book recommendations, and I had screenshots from some other videos, so I decided to treat myself for passing finals and bought some books!

Click here to watch the unboxing video!

Favorite Posts:

Since I didn’t post anything outstandingly different other than unboxings, I’m going to share some of my favorite bookstagram/booktok posts!



Happy reading until next time,

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