LitJoy Purchase Unboxing

Hi everyone! I have an exciting unboxing that I had recently made from LitJoy! A couple of weeks ago because I had redeemed some of my points to use for the Immortal Instruments Box Set and then thought about it, and I decided that it was a bit much for me to spend on just six books (even though they have a bunch of special stuff to them).

So, I used my coupon to buy some other things that I’ve been eyeing for a while and used my $75 voucher!

Watch the unboxing on my booktok!

Top Left: From Blood and Ash inspired Sticker designed by @brioandbrandish

Bottom Left: Washi Tape inspired by the Umbrella Academy

Top Right: Lunacorn Washi Tape designed by ana.ilustra

Bottom Middle: The Fault in Our Stars Sticker

Right Middle: Feather Pen

Bottom Right: Magnificent Marmalade Candle made by @tookishcandleco

Top Left: ACOMAF Circular Towel designed by @offbeatworlds

Middle Right: ACOMAF Enamel Pin designed by  @brioandbrandish

The rest of the photos are of the To All the Boys Stationery Box Set with 16 different letter papers with 4 different designs, envelopes, and washi tape designed by @ladychubbletters

My refer link: LitJoy Crate

Happy reading until next time,

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