Venus by Hanleigh Bradley and Mia Harlan Review


Venus (Solar Mates Book 1) by [Hanleigh Bradley, Mia Harlan, Silver Springs Library]

My memory loss is so bad I can’t remember half the stuff I’ve done. So how am I supposed to make one relationship work—let alone three?

I’m Venus and I’ve got amnesia. Or at least I think I do. 

My memory’s filled with black holes. Why can’t I remember my childhood or the parents who raised me? How did I end up in this random small town, and why can’t I remember what happened five minutes ago?

I somehow end up on a road trip with Neptune, a girl who I barely even know. She ditches me in a small town called Silver Springs with no money, no phone, and no way to get home. So I need to find her. Stat. 

What I find instead is a wart on the tip of my nose. How did that get there? 

It’s no wonder the three Hotter than the Sun men I meet don’t seem to realize I exist.

★ Ernest, who owns an anti-romance bookstore, is more interested in reading.

★ Stefano, the doctor who claims he’s in the mafia, says he doesn’t date patients. News flash: this wart isn’t going to fix itself.

★ And Chett, the famous guitarist for Not a Vampire, has a son who seems to hate me.

The planets must be misaligned—or I might be cursed—because the gaps in my memory are growing. I’m falling for Ernest, Stefano, and Chett, but how can we have a happy ever after when I can barely remember who they are?

Venus is a standalone in the Solar Mates Series set in the Silver Springs shared universe and comes complete with a happily-ever-after. Scroll up to read this fun, quirky romance today.


4.5 Stars

Venus has is by far one of my favorite books in the whole entire Silver Spring collection.

Like all of the other books in this series, it’s ideal to read all of the other books before this one since it all takes place in Silver Springs which is a safe place for supernatural beings to live in peace with humans thanks to a protection ward that prevents the humans from remembering anything supernatural related. This book can easily be read as a standalone but there’s appearances from past characters and their harem so it’s kind of spoilery but at the same time all of these books have HEAs.

Venus stuffers from memory loss when it comes to anything supernatural related which is interesting since she’s going to Silver Springs to go see a popular band with one of the girls, Neptune, from the college that she attends.

As soon a they make it to the town, Venus is dumped into the street in front of Jewel’s Cafe as it’s poring down rain with absolutely nothing since it was all in the car.

After spending some time in the cafe, Venus’s memory loss happens more frequently and because no one knows about it, they don’t know what’s happening or what triggers it. Then on of the band members, Chett, of Not a Vampire comes in with his son, and Chett knows right away that Venus is his mate since he can see the metaphorical string that connects them as mates. Chett is ready to start any conversation with her, so he can get to know her better, but Jet (the son) isn’t ready for his dad to be in any relationship since his mom recently passed earlier that year and decides to play a prank on her and gives her a wart and spills milk all over her clothes.

But because is magic, Venus soon forgets everything including the conversation.

Luckily Amber has taken to Venus and lends her clothes. Venus then decides to go and look for Neptune before the concert where she meets the cute guy that owns the bookstore in the town and can shift into a paperback book when he gets nervous around the female population, and she then finds herself in the clinic that Stefano owns hoping that help with the wart on her face. Only for him to realize that she’s his mate and can’t remove the wart because is was wished upon by a Djinn.

Through more little twists and turns, Venus is starting to build a relationship with the guys until an accident with Jet that makes Venus believe that her memory loss really is a curse and she doesn’t deserve love when she can’t remember anything.

Happy reading until next time,

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