Battle of the Bands edited by Lauren Gibaldi and Eric Smith Review


Fifteen young adult authors and one real-life rock star band together for one epic—and interconnected—take on a memorable high school rite of passage.

A daughter of rock ’n’ roll royalty has a secret crush. A lonely ticket taker worries about his sister. An almost-famous songwriter nurses old wounds. A stage manager tires of being behind the scenes. A singer-songwriter struggles to untangle her feelings for her best friend and his girlfriend. In this live-out-loud anthology, the disparate protagonists of sixteen stories are thrown together for one unforgettable event: their high school’s battle of the bands. Told in a harmonic blend of first- and third-person narrative voices, roughly chronological short stories offer a kaleidoscopic view of the same transformative night. Featuring an entry from Justin Courtney Pierre, lead vocalist of Motion City Soundtrack, Battle of the Bands isa celebration of youth, music, and meeting the challenges of life head-on.

With stories by Brittany Cavallaro, Preeti Chhibber, Jay Coles, Katie Cotugno, Lauren Gibaldi, Shaun David Hutchinson, Ashley Poston, Jenny Torres Sanchez, Sarah Nicole Smetana, Eric Smith, Jenn Marie Thorne, Sarvenaz Taghavian, Jasmine Warga, Ashley Woodfolk, and Jeff Zentner, and featuring Motion City Soundtrack’s Justin Courtney Pierre.


4 Stars

I love music almost as much as I love reading, so I immediately wanted to read this book even though I’ve never been in a battle of the bands at school because that wasn’t a thing… but that’s why we read, you know?

Anyway, some times I forget how much fun anthologies are because it shows the talent of all of the authors involved especially when the stories are interconnected in some extent and have characters that may cross over in some extent. Each of these stories are unique and full circle, yet they play off of each other.

These stories display a lot of the characters love (or dislove for some) of music. For many of the people competing in the bands, their love for music has become an outlet, and for some, the love of music has turned into something that has become less fun and more like a job in order to keep the other members focused on the prize of recording an EP by winning the battle of the bands.

Some people see this as a way to get exposure for their bands while others are working to get it because they feel like music is the only future they have.

The contents of these books cover an array of topics from growing up and identifying yourself vs. the person that others what you to be to first love to every thing in between that comes with being a teenager with modern day problems.

A lot of the authors that have stories in this book as new to me in the sense that I’ve haven’t read any of their full length novels because you know so many books so little time type thing, but after reading their 30 or so page stories, I’ve found a good many authors that I’d love to go back and read their works after reading Battle of the Bands!

Happy reading until next time,

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