Blog Tour: Broken Beasts of Beauty by Loxey Savage


Broken Beasts of Beauty: A Dark, RH, PNR, Romance (Sinister Fairytales) by [Loxley Savage, Jay Aheer]

I thought I’d die in the dungeons.

My father is a terrible man. He claimed a demon lived inside me and imprisoned me for months in his torture chamber. Then, one fateful day, he found himself on the bitter end of a curse, and he offered me in exchange for his freedom.

I thought my life was over, but I was wrong.

While trapped within the curse creator’s ancient castle, phantoms begin speaking to me, caressing me with invisible hands, and proclaiming I’m theirs. One is cold and possessive, another curious and calculating, and the third… well, he might be damaged beyond repair—just like me.

At night, however, when the phantoms leave, terrifying beasts emerge. Their snarls and roars awaken something dark within me, and their pull is impossible to resist.

I’m changing, becoming something greater than I ever thought I could be.

When the past comes back to haunt me, and my future is compromised, I find myself facing an old enemy. This time, though, I won’t submit. This time, I’ll become the demon he always claimed I was—a broken beast.

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4.25 Stars

There are several topics that I take very seriously as a reader and beauty and the beast retellings are at the top of the list because for me there are certain things that has to happen for me to really enjoy the book.

I’ll go a head and tell you that the beginning of this book is very dark because of the things that occur to Bronwyn based on what her father, the king, who wants nothing more that to get rid of her because of her colorblindness and thinking she’s a demon because of her mother’s bloodline.

Bronwyn is finally free of her retched father when he sends her to an arranged marriage where it seems like she trades one prison for another, but at least here at her new home, she’s not being examined, poked, and prodded.

While she’s there she sees that the men of the house are different and thinks that she is the answer they have been waiting on the save them from the curse that have been set on them and is close to running out, but Bronwyn tries to convince them that she’s nothing special and can’t save them despite what the prophecy make indicate.

Bronwyn learns that her world and what she thought she knew is only the tip of what is happening and is in for a wild ride.

In a dark reverse harem book, a young woman who has always been told that she’s inept because of her difference learns that she is the unique key to helping this species before their time runs out while dealing with her feelings for the men.

Meet Loxley Savage:

Loxley is from a suburb in northeast Ohio.

She loves coffee, chocolate, and reality TV. When she’s not writing, she’s playing with LOL dolls with her three little girls or watching Disney movies.

Connect with Loxley Savage:

Facebook group || Facebook Page || Amazon || Bookbub || Instagram

Happy reading until next time,

2 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Broken Beasts of Beauty by Loxey Savage

  1. Next to Cinderella this has to be one of the most regurgitated fairy tales, which is unfortunate.. because it’s one of my favorites. I’ve taken to avoiding Beauty and the Beast retellings but this one? Definitely going to have to read it!
    Thanks for sharing!


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