FairyLoot (Nov), Fae Crate (August), and The Bookish Box (Sept.)

Hi everyone! Happy day one of Blogmas! In the two years that I’ve been on wordpress blogging, I’ve somehow found myself doing blogmas which is basically where you post everyday up until Christmas. Now I’m not sure how much of Blogmas I’ll be participating in this year since I’m now working as an RN working 12 hour shifts, but I’ll post as much as I can!

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had several book boxes come (not including the beacon book box that’s currently sitting on my floor waiting to be unboxed), and I just haven’t had the extra time post, so here I am today with a FairyLoot, Fae Crate, and Bookish Box to unbox!


November 2021 Box

Theme: Vengeance is Yours

Also wanted to let y’all know that the Poppy War enamel pin designed by Sall Teas wasn’t included in my box this month but will be in my December box.

And, I forgot to include a couple items in the collage (but they can be seen in the full unboxing photo).

Vicious inspired Mircofiber cloth designed by Stella Bookish Art

Bamboo Travel Mug inspired by the BOTM designed by Blanca Design

Top Left: From Blood and Ash inspired Book Review Notebook designed by Chatty Nora (bottom middle is what the inside looks like); notebook says “From blood and ash we will rise”

Bottom Left: Spoiler Card

Right: The Rage of Dragons inspired Washi Tape designed by Blanca Design that says “Let them think me a monster:

Bottom Right: A Song of Wraiths and Ruin inspired Tarot Cards designed by Igions

BOTM: Jade Fire by June CL Tan signed with sprayed and stenciled edges, exclusive cover by jhocaaa, reversible dust jacket designed by jhocaaa, and author letter/character art designed by Kate Acedia

Full Unboxing!

Fae Crate

August 2021 Unboxing

Theme: Ties that Bind

Top Left: Spoiler Card

Middle Left: Eragon inspired Bath Bomb

Bottom Left: Defy the Stars inspired Collar Pins degined by Claudia Gray

Top Right: A Darker Shade of Magic inspired Decal

Middle Right: To Kill a Kingdom inspired Polaroid designed by Laso Draws

Middle: TBR Notepad

Bottom Right: TBR Capsule inspired Kingdom of the Wickes designed by Reading Revelry

BOTM: On These Black Sands by Vanessa Rasanen with a signed book plate, embossed cover designed by no0nedesgins, and reversible dust jacket designed by kolarpem

Full unboxing!

The Bookish Box

September 2021 Unboxing

Theme: Daggers & Romance

Watch my unboxing on booktok!

My referral link

Left: ACOTAR inspired Mug designed by KDP Letters that says “The house of wind library”

Top Right: Kingdom of the Wicked inspired Slippers designed by The Bookish Shop

Middle Right: These Violent Delights inspire Earrings

Bottom Right: The Beautiful inspired Candle and Bookmark with art designed by Nicole Deal Art

Top Left: Defy the Night inspired Enamel Pin designed by Layla Ashtar Shrine that says “mind your mettle”

Top Right: October YA Theme Art Print designed by Morlev Art

BOTM: Defy the Night by Brigid Kemmerer signed with an exclusive cover, custom endpapers, and reversible dust jacket designed by Jemlin C

Full unboxing!

Happy reading until next time,

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