Blogmas Day 2: Faked by Sarah Darlington Review + Playlist + Giveaway


She tends bar at a strip club.

Every Wednesday, I visit her. Every Wednesday, I hope for more than, “what’s your drink order?” Until one Wednesday, a week from Christmas, she needs me. Okay… so she needs anyone, it seems, to be her fake-date to her sister’s Christmas wedding. I happened to be in the right place at the right time. But a week in the mountains with my dream girl? Sign me up.

Hmmm, Patrick Kelley? My borderline stalker? My Wednesday regular? I’m not interested. I’d never bring him home to meet my family. But times are desperate. I can’t spend a week in the mountains with my family alone, plus my ex will be there, so I ask Patrick…

“Will you be my fake-date for the holidays?”
I figure he’ll be easy to control.
I couldn’t have been more wrong.


4.75 Stars

If you like:

  • Fake Dating
  • Christmas Books
  • Bad Boy/Good Girl

Then this is the book for you!

Let me start off and says that this book is very fast paced and addicting, so make sure that you have a couple of hours to set aside when you read this book because you know that you want to read it!

When we first meet Patrick it’s on a Wednesday night when Nova is working at the bar, and based on first impressions I would have said that he was a bit nerdy (IDK it was just the vibes I was picking up from him) because bless his heart he got so tongue tied when Nova starting talking to him so much so that he spilt his drink on himself, but boy let me tell you; Patrick is basically the full package (no pun intended).

Like, I’m not trying to sound superficial, but he has abs, gets along with the family (except for Nova’s sister Cassi who’s getting married, but that’s another bag of worms that I’m not going to open), has a great personality, cares deeply for Nova even though they’re just starting to get to know each other, and has a backstory and history.

Nova is a very unique character because she puts up this persona at work that she doesn’t care about anything and is confident while with her family she feels like she has to be the perfect daughter and is putting on an act. Which is where Patrick comes into play as her date to her sister’s Christmas wedding making up this back story that he’s a fireman hoping that it’ll keep her parents happy.

She feels like Patrick is a great choice given that she’s running out of time to find someone to take, and Patrick sells the part… maybe a bit to well because even Nova starts to feel like they’re an actual couple. As they start to spend more time together the lines start to blur, but she reminds herself that this is just a ruse for her family and once they get back, they go back to the way before, but why doesn’t the thought of not having Patrick leave her heart feeling empty?

Patrick is falling equally as hard for Nova from the way that she gets mad at him to her flirting to her sticking up for him when her family gets to be to much.

As they get to know each other and think about starting a relationship, their pasts and knowing that it all started with a lie might be to much for them to start something real.

This is a fun and fast paced book to get you ready for the holiday season with romance, family drama, and the occasional emotional season that will have you wanting more!


  • Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift
  • Too Much to Ask by Niall Horan
  • Missing You by The Vamps
  • Imagination by Shawn Mendes
  • Green light by 5SOS
  • Still Breathing by Green Day
  • Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande
  • Stuck in the Moment by Justin Bieber
  • Dancing with Nobody by Austin Mahone


Sarah is also hosting a giveaway!

Click here to enter

Happy reading until next time,

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