Grumpy Wolf by Layla Silver


I’m back in the small town of my youth, to heal from my broken marriage.
The grumpy, shirtless wolf fixing my roof doesn’t bring me the peace I want.
Instead, he brings out hot feelings I thought I’d lost a long time ago.
Feelings that I have to resist if I want to avoid another broken heart…

But however I try to avoid him, his red eyes follow me everywhere.
Something tells me he’s not a regular wolf, but something darker.
And something inside of me wants to heal him, to heal his scars.
To kiss away the pain and the worry that he hides behind those muscles.

Nothing in this town is what it seems though…
Not even the dating agency that someone supposedly signed me up for.
Will I find what I am looking for here?
Can a grumpy wolf give me what I secretly desire?

A mate, and a baby?

The Shifter Mating Agency specializes in interspecies matches. It finds the hottest dates with the hottest wolves, and whether the match is made in heaven or not… ultimately, romance will win the day.


2.5 Stars

TW/CW: miscarriage and cheating

If you like:

  • Paranormal Romance
  • Grumpy/Sunshine Trope
  • Small Town Romance

Then this book is for you!

Based on the synopsis, I really wanted to read this book because Honey is an author who is traveling to get away from the big city of New York to find her love and passion for writing romance novels after the events in her own romantic life went up in flames. Then when she gets to the town where her grandmother and mother once lived, she meets this hot werewolf shifter who’s broody and has a past.

Like what’s not to love about that?

But, somewhere along the lines while reading this book, it just really wasn’t holding my attention and I was either reading the dialogue between Honey and Daemon or trying to find the romance (which btw is more of a tension or wanting than actual romance until the end of the book).

Both Honey and Daemon have a lot of things that they have to work through during the course of the book. Honey’s is being able to put herself in a healthy relationship and take care of herself. And, Daemon has many years of self hating and loathing with his phantom wolf side.

The whole phantom wolf thing is new to me. I’m not sure if it’s one of those things that is special to this author or if I’ve somehow never heard of it before. From what I gathered it’s this special curse that is placed on a wolf that kind of puts me in the mind of moon sickness or when a wolf doesn’t find his or her mate and loses their mind.

In this book, the wolf phantom is like a separate entity in the person’s body, so there’s the human, the wolf, and the wolf phantom in one body that can shift into a wolf and the human/wolf is fighting the phantom part for control.

I mean, the book wasn’t awful, and it had some really good storylines and the characters themselves felt pretty realistic, but I felt like the story was a bit rushed. Then the last quarter of the book felt like one big cheese ball and seemed so cliche with the whole “only you can fix yourself” thing.

Happy reading until next time,

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