Vampish: The Hunt by G.K. DeRosa Review


Move over Buffy, there’s a new slayer in town…

And I’m going to hunt down every bloodsucker until I find the bastard that murdered my parents.

After spending three years as a recruit training to kill wayward vampires, it’s finally graduation day. Now I’ll be leading an elite team, assembled by the Royal vampire queen herself.

Everything is going according to plan until I meet him. He might be charming, witty, and sexy, but he’s everything I hate—a vampire.  

My enemy.

Our connection is undeniable, but I refuse to submit.

My whole life I’d been trained to hate fangers but teaming up with him might be the only way to get my revenge and save the humans from the rebel vampires after the queen’s throne.

And more than that, he might be the key to bringing back something I thought I’d lost forever.


5 Stars

First there is a major cliffhanger… that’s all I’m going to say, but I just wanted to give you a heads up if you’re one of those people who prefer to read series when all of the books are out because I can feel the book hanger starting to take place after this book.

Phoenix has been training all of her life to become one of the queen’s vampire hunters after her parents were attacked by vampires ten years ago. She’s also a werewolf, but the only time that she was able to shift was that year in order to save herself and her sister, ever since then, Phoenix hasn’t heard or felt anything from her wolf side.

Phoenix and her team tight knit of classmates are close to graduating top of their class and have one more test before many years of hard work and training pay off to defend the world of vampires, but while in the arena, Phoenix meets this vampire, Ransom, who’s different from most vampires she’s met. He allures her in spite of him being a vampire ad ultimately gets away after shaking her up.

Despite that mishap, Phoenix and her team graduate at the top of their class and are now part of the queen’s squadron of vampires hunters. It’s not long in this new setting that Phoenix runs across Ransom again, and he continues to infuriate and attract her.

Ransom hasn’t always been a vampire. He was once a werewolf himself and was turned to save him from dying.

With the uprising of one of the queen’s former circle members, Ronin, the queen comes up with a plan to infiltrate his group to take him down, and that requires Phoenix and Ransom to have to work together despite this push-pull thing that they have going on.

As they spend more time together, both of them feel something that they thought was long gone, but they’re not who they used to be, so it’s hard to say if any type of relationship would work considering that Phoenix has trained for years to take out those like Ransom.

This book is primarily told from Phoenix’s POV but also switches to Ransom’s at times. This book also has a fast paced plot and storyline where you want to do nothing but binge read it but also want to savor it.

Happy reading until next time,

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