Vampish: Kiss of Death by G.K. DeRosa eARC Review


I never should’ve trusted him.

My entire life I was certain of one thing: vampires were the enemy. Then I met him and let my guard down. That witty banter, those mischievous eyes and gorgeous smile lulled me into complacency. Now I was a prisoner, captured by the very vampire who was responsible for my parents’ death. The rebel king wants to use my wolf to take down the Royal queen, but I refuse to become his assassin.

With the help of an unlikely ally, I manage to break free. A normal person with a target on their back would hide, but that’s not my thing. I’m going back to get my revenge even if that means partnering up with a stupidly attractive vampire. This time, I won’t fall for his advances despite the mystical bond pulling us together.

Between unearthing family secrets, battling fangers, and squashing unwanted advances from a certain vampire, things go from bad to worse. There’s a war coming, and as it turns out, I’m the key to stopping it.

Because surprise, surprise, there’s someone far scarier than the rebel king out there, and he wants me.

Review of Book One – Vampish: The Hunt


4.5 Stars

Ok, so after the ending of the first book, I was very concerned for the relationship between Ransom and Nix because the ending of book one was like a blow to my heart.

In the beginning of this book, both Nix and Ransom are in Ronin’s clutches, and it’s not the best situation given that the only blood that Ransom is getting is laced with vervain that keeps him alive but at a weakened state while Nix is alone in her cell. She’s oh so lucky to have Ransom as one of her guards most days where he tries to talk to her, but she wants nothing with him.

Ransom wants nothing more than to try and explain himself but Nix but ice given the cold shoulder and is ignoring him until he becomes her new cell mate.

Ransom is full of surprises as he is able to get the out and away from Ronin and to get back to the queen and Nix’s team. That’s when the queen decides to make Ransom Nix’s personal guard to keep her safe since her wolf has the able to kill vampires with a single bite.

With everyone wanting Nix for different reasons it’s hard for her to figure out who to trust except those on her team, and Ransom has the undeniable instincts to protect at all costs despite them being so different.

As the story progresses, so does their relationship until they’re forced to make a decision that could change everything.

This books explores both Nix and Ransom’s past looking into Nix’s heritage and how Ransom become a vampire. Lines are blurred many times as the rules are constantly changing by many people.

All I can say is hold on when you start this book because there are so many plot twists that makes it difficult to put down!

Happy reading until next time,

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