Carniage Island by Lexi C. Foss


Welcome to Carnage Island.
Home of brutal chaos.
Blood and tears.
And nefarious schemes.

A half-breed.
A reject.
A wolf without a mate.

My family doesn’t want me.
My Alpha disowned me.
And my mate rejected me.

So I’ve just been given a new pack assignment.
Carnage Island.
Home to the worst of wolf kind.
Vicious claws. Cruel beasts. Wicked deeds.

I’m not one of them.
But I’m not a Nantahala Wolf either.
I’m something distinctly other: an Omega trapped in an Alpha’s skin.

One step toward my fate, and all the males turn their heads.
I’m fresh meat.
Property to be claimed.

Hide-and-seek is now a game of life and death.
With claws and teeth.
And malice and pain.

Only the strongest will survive.
Enter at your own peril.


5 Stars

If you like:

  • Reverse Harem
  • Dark Romance
  • Werewolf Romance
  • HEAs

Then this is the book for you!

Let me just go a head and say that if you like dark romance with werewolves and reverse harem, then yo need this book. Don’t keep reading my review, just go and read the book then you can come back and thank me because it really is a great book.

So, Clove is from a pack where women are submissive and basically meant to please the males. They are taught to resist their wolves until the reach the time of mating and even then, mating is more of a physical thing instead of the whole finding a partner for life thing. On the night of Clove’s mating ceremony, her heritage is revealed as she turns into a wolf for the first time. She is sent to the dreaded Carnage Island that is where the worst wolves are sent.

When Clove makes it to the island, she is still in wolf form since the man that she was supposed to mated to didn’t let her shift back believing that she had turned feral. On the island, Clove realizes that Carnage Island is different from the tales that she was told.

Tieran is the alpha of the island with the other two members of his clan, Volt and Caius. Together the three men rule over the other clans of alphas and betas that reside on the island. They know right away that Clove is meant to be theirs, but she was raised with a different definition of what being a wolf means.

Together, the men teach Clove how to become one with her wolf rather than suppressing her natural instincts and emotions.

Clove instantly felt at ease and cherished by these men despite being in her current situation.

Everyone is on the same page and wants to mate, but there is the uncertainty about Clove’s ability to produce offspring. Given, Volt’s past, Tieran is hesitant to mate because if Clove is unable to have children then he would have to bring another person in the equation to have his child to ensure that he would be able to take over as alpha of his old pack. But, he doesn’t want to entertain the idea of bringing another female in his life now that he has found his mate.

I love this book because of the dynamics of the whole werewolf aspect and the connection the Clove has with her guys, and the lengths that they go to teach her how to embrace herself. I love how they protect and care about Clove from the very beginning even when they weren’t entirely sure about her being their mate at first and how they just acted on instinct to sooth her.

This is a fast paced spicy book with some elements of dark romance. It has a good balance of plot and character development that adds to the progression of Clove’s relationship with her guys.

Happy reading until next time,

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