Den of Vipers by K.A. Knight Review


Ryder, Garrett, Kenzo, and Diesel—The Vipers.

They run this town and everyone in it. Their deals are as sordid as their business, and their reputation is enough to bring a grown man to his knees, forcing him to beg for mercy. They are not people you mess with, yet my dad did. The old man ran up a debt with them and then sold me to cover his losses.

Yes, sold me.

They own me now.

I’m theirs in every sense of the word. But I’ve never been meek and compliant. These men, they look at me with longing. Their scarred, blood-stained hands holding me tight. They want everything I am, everything I have to give, and won’t stop until they get just that. They can own my body, but they will never have my heart.

The Vipers? I’m going to make them regret the day they took me.

This girl? She bites too.


4 Stars

If you like

  • Reverse Harem
  • Dark Romance
  • Mafia Type Romance
  • Enemies to Lovers

Then this is the book for you!

So yes, the size of this book was one of the biggest reasons why I was putting off this book, but LET ME TELL YOU, despite the size of this book (over 600 pages), it really is a quick read because the story is constantly progressing and the relationships between Roxy and the guys are constantly evolving.

Roxy is this young woman who has been on her own since she ran away from her abusive father. She now runs a dive bar where she makes the rules and is respected among her customers, but she doesn’t have anyone in her life that she can count on when she needs help. She’s used to having to defend herself and can bring down a man that is easily two or three times her size, and despite her upbringing, she is a fighter. She has learned not to let the demons of her past control her life.

Ryder and Kenzo are brothers. Ryder being the older of the two. Ryder is the leader of the Vipers and is cold and constantly calculating. He has always been the protector of his biological brother and now his group of formed brothers. Ryder assumes the weight of being the leader of the Vipers, he blames himself when things happens, and he tries to shelter his brothers even when they want to help him.

Kenzo is also calculating as he is the “gambler” of the group. He runs the underground gambling rings, casinos, and everything else in their town that involves betting. Rarely does he loose a bet, and even then, it is because he wanted to loose. Out of all of the men in the Vipers, he is the one with the heart that bleeds for romance. Despite his ability to hurt and murder, he is the one who is able to express his emotions the best.

Diesel is one crazy man. There is literally no other way to say it because in this case you have to call it like you see it, and even he would admit it. He gets off on people pain and loves to torture people. He’s the type of man who would bring you the appendage of an enemy to you as a gift after the enemy looked at you the wrong way. There is nothing in the world that scares him more than loosing his little bird.

Then we have Garrett who is the one who lets his demons out to play the most but not like Diesel level. Garrett was almost killed by his ex-fiancé, and ever since then he has hated women. Garrett lets his anger fuel and enhance his fighting abilities. The rest of the Vipers thought leaving Roxy with him would be the safest since he won’t make any advances, but Roxy sees the broken man beneath his tough exterior and is drawn to saving him even if it is a death wish.

So backing up the train for a second, let’s talk about how the Vipers got Roxy. Her father owed them a bunch of money, and her father basically sold his daughter to them to pay off his debt. When the Vipers got to Roxy’ bar, they weren’t sure what to expect given how weak her father is, but they obviously didn’t expect the woman with silver hair, tattoos covering her body, piercings, and a baseball bat and swing strong enough to bring one of the Vipers down.

When they were able to capture her, they took her back to their apartment, and even when she a captive, they treated her well enough by captivity and Viper standards. They gave Roxy her own room, fed her, and even bought her new clothes. Roxy resents them for holding her as their debt, and the guys have different levels f interest not only because of her looks but also because of her will and ability to fight and her ability not to cower to four of the most powerful and feared men of the city.

Although it may had started off a Roxy being a way to settle a debt, the guys are quick to see that she is starting to give them a reason to live again when they were starting to fall into a rut and starting to give in totally to their darkness. Despite Roxy’s own past, she has a light and way of looking at life that the Viper’s see and it helps heal them. But even when Roxy and the guy’s relationship progresses romantically and emotionally, will it be overshadowed by the fact that she is still captive and unable to reclaim the freedom that she craves?

Den of Vipers is told from Roxy, Diesel, Garrett, Kenzo, and Ryder’s POV which is really great because it is really important to get everyone’s thoughts and opinions in a book where so much is happening with the Vipers themselves and with their relationship with Roxy. All of the guys are very different yet they fit together like a well oiled machine, and even though the story would have been fine with only Roxy telling it, the guys’ POV allows for us to really understand their pains and past that would have been more difficult to pick up with only Roxy.

Like it may be slightly crazy for me to say, but Diesel was the first Viper that I fell for because he was himself from the beginning. He wasn’t hiding his bloodlust and need for pain and destruction, and once Roxy had his attention, he vowed to protect her (but not from himself). Even during his most intense moments he was always thinking about her and ways that he could make her happy and feel pleasure. And to be honest, he was the most frequent comic relief in the book.

All I can say is that if you like dark reverse harem romance with possessive men and a strong female who isn’t afraid to put them in their place, then you need to read this book! Don’t let the size of this book intimidate you because you’ll fly through it and won’t even realize that you read half of the book in one sitting.

Happy reading until next time,

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